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mejores fotos de la patagonia

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Have you been to Patagonia? It’s an unmissable trip with so much to see and experience! Boasting some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, Patagonia makes for great photography. It covers over a million km2 (which is about one and a half times the size of the United Kingdom). This makes for some versatile scenery, from ice glaciers, to Fjords, to deserts, to lakes. Its unique wildlife also attracts a high number of visitors each year, who mainly go to the northern lake districts, Torres del Paine national park in Chile and Los Glaciares national park in the Argentinian part. These trips have resulted in some incredible photographs. We’ll share our favourite photos with you in this Patagonia photo gallery. 

Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina 

Glaciers in sunset Howlander

Don’t mistake the name. Los Glaciares does mean the glaciers, but there’s so much more to this area than just it’s glaciers. The park is home to many different animal species, such as a hundred different birds including the Andean condor. The infamous peaks of Mount Fitz Roy rise into the sky, attracting many photographers and climbers. Boasting several breathtaking lakes, the area also hosts the famous Lake Viedma and Lake Argentino. Enjoy a full day cruise on Lake Argentino and enjoy a view of the five main glaciers of Los Glacieres national park organised by Howlanders here.   

road to el chalten howlanders

On your way to El Chalten, a quaint village in Los Glaciares National Park, make sure to get your camera ready about 10 kilometers from the town, if you’re approaching via the highway. El Chalten the village doesn’t have an optimal view over the mountains, but this road allows for some great photography and to take in the stunning views. Here you can enjoy a feeling of complete freedom and excitement as you look across the highway straight onto the peaks of Mount Fitz Roy from afar, before you go explore the area closeup. 

Fitz Roy Mountain Peaks Howlanders

Do you recognise these razor sharp peaks? In the north, above the quaint town of El Chalten you will see the mountain peaks of Mount Fitz Roy. They’re a symbol of Argentinian Patagonia and recognisable on almost every postcard and poster from the area. It’s named after Captain Fitzroy who explored South America with Charles Darwin. You might recognise the famous peaks as the logo of famous clothing brand Patagonia, which inspired owner Yvon Chouinard after climbing the successful mountain before founding the company in 1973.

Wildlife in PatagoniaGuanaco next to mountain Patagonia photos Howlanders

Have you ever seen a Guanaco? It’s a llama like animal, often seen playing and fighting with each other in the golden grasslands of Patagonia. They belong to a group called camelids, which includes alpacas, llamas and camels, which all stick out their tongue and spit when annoyed.


Huemul in Snow Patagonia Photo Howlanders

The huemul, also known as south Andean deer or güemul, is an endangered species of deer that is local to the Argentinian and Chilean mountains of Patagonia. These animals are a rare sight, but definitely worth the wait. After all, Chilean photographer Matias Mondaca named this photograph “Beauty and Elegance of the Huemul,” for a reason. 

Activities in Patagonia

la patagonia en otoño

Trekking is the most popular way of exploring Patagonia (others include horse riding and travelling by boat). The trekking journeys can be easy or hard and long or short, depending on your personal preferences. The W circuit in Torres del Paine, one of the most famous routes in Patagonia, is a five-day hike. If you are thinking of doing a trek in Patagonia we recommend you to book all the campsites and accommodations through our website.People riding on horses through water Howlanders

Horse riding is another popular method of transport in Patagonia. This photo is called “Arriving to the destination” by Juan Yarcho and shows the adventure of travelling Patagonia by horse, which is helpful as they can travel over land, and also through shallow waters (as pictured on this photograph). If you would like to explore Patagonia you must visit La Peninsula, which you can learn more about hereMan rock climbing on Mountain Patagonia photo Howlanders

Are you daring enough to climb here? Patagonian rock climbing is only for the most adventurous, daring and trained visitors. But the adrenaline rush and incredible views are definitely worth it. Besides trekking and wildlife safari, rock climbing is a popular activity in the area. Make sure to pack your wide-angle lens if you’re planning to photograph this activity, to get the climber and the incredible and endless landscape that he’s climbing through in one frame. 

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile 

Peaks of Torres del Paine Patagonia Howlanders
Chances are you’ve already seen these razor sharp mountain peaks that symbolise the Torres del Paine. The “blue towers” (torres means towers in spanish, and paine is an ancient indigenous word for blue) are fantastic objects for photographers, and offer breathtaking scenery. 

torres del paine sunset sunrise howlanders

As you can see, UNESCO world heritage site Torres del Paine also includes picturesque Lake Pehoe, lying at the bottom of Cuernos del Paine. If you need a break with some food while enjoying this incredible view, Hosteria Pehoe has a restaurant overlooking the lake in all its glory, while serving you local Chilean delicacies. 

People inside grey glacier photo Patagonia Howlanders

This photograph of the ice cave in Grey Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park got an honorable mention in the Patagon Journal, for best environmental photography. 

As you can see, Patagonias stunning landscapes make for great photography. If this Patagonia photo gallery inspired you for your next trip, Howlanders can organise everything for you. We have several amazing tours in Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, including trekking tours of the famous Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno.


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