What to see and what to visit in Mexico

Do you want to visit a country that is recognized worldwide for having the best places, landscapes and a varied gastronomy? Great! Then you have to visit Mexico, a surprising destination marked by an extraordinary culture and tourist sites that will leave you wanting to return.

What to see in Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, known for being the most populated city in Latin America, its amazing skyscrapers and tourist sites make it an ideal place to visit and here are several places that you can not miss.

What to see in Mexico: National Museum of Anthropology

Located in the precincts of Bosque de Chapultepec, it was created with the purpose of showing the archaeological legacy of the Mesoamerican peoples; In it you can see numerous archaeological pieces from Mexico, among these pieces is the stone of the sun, the Teotihuacan sculptures, the treasure of the tomb of King Pakal, among others.It is an excellent place to see if you want to know the roots of Mexico.

What to see in Mexico: Historical Center DF

If you are one of those who like to go for a walk in the city with the family, this place is ideal for you, you can see and visit from the Palace of Fine Arts to go to the Plaza de la Constitución which is the largest the city. Walking on that same street you will find the famous Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City.

What to see in Mexico: Las Trajineras de Xochimilco

Surely you have heard about the trajineras, this is a place that you can not stop seeing if you are in Mexico City, its meaning is the place of the flowery sowing. They are boats adorned with flowers and striking colors, each one has its name and you can enjoy a relaxing walk through the water channels that have a history from pre-Hispanic times.

What to visit in Mexico

This wonderful country has 32 states, each state has a culture and tradition, its cultural diversity makes it the best place to do tourism, the most visited are the following.

What to visit in Mexico: Cancun

Beach, sun, sand and Riviera Maya, a perfect complement, Cancun is a city in the state of Quintana Roo, characterized by being a world-renowned tourist site, its turquoise waters and white sand make this paradise very visited by tourists .

Playa turtles, lobster, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are some of the places you should visit, they are approximately 22 kilometers of beautiful beaches that has the best and most renowned hotels.

  • Chichén Itzá: If you go to Cancun you have a must visit to Chichén Itzá, belonging to the great Mayan city. It is an archaeological site and has a step pyramid very favorite by tourists. It is located in Yucatan by the highway of Cancun and it is one of the best Tours in Mexico that you can do.
  • The Pyramid of Kukulcan has serpent heads in the lower part at the beginning of the staircase symbol of a Mayan idol. You can also see the Chichén Itzá observatory or the spiral by its spiral shape. This pyramid is interesting because it is said that it was made for astronomical purposes since the position it has is aligned with Venus and other stars.
  • The Tzompanestli is a framework with reliefs of skulls and eagles that devoured hearts, the story how much the Mayans nailed there the heads of their enemies.
  • Other interesting ruins belonging to Chichén Itzá are the Ball Game Court, the Chacmool Sculpture, the Sacred Cenote and the Temple of the Warriors.

What to visit in Mexico: Cenotes de Valladolid

Located in Yucatan, they are cavern-type cenotes, the fantastic decoration is made by karstic formations, their translucent waters are ideal for bathing and enjoying a quiet and relaxing day in this tourist site.

Gastronomy in Mexico

If it is about gastronomy, Mexico is ahead, its flavors, the diversity of its typical foods, and the traditional ingredients make it one of the most recognized.

The tacos are a characteristic dish of the country, it is a corn tortilla, in it you can add different fillings; if it is hot, Mexican dishes have a lot of chili, for example: Chilaquiles are made of tortilla chips, covered with a spicy sauce, you can add chicken, pork or meat. Other similar dishes are burritos and fajitas.

Each state has a typical dish, tamales are typical of the Huasteca region, and chilies also depend on the provinces, there are different chilies, the jalapeño of Veracruz, the habanero, the morrón, the chipotle among others. Surely if you dare to try any of these dishes they will become your favorites.

Weather in Mexico

The weather in Mexico is very diverse, in some cities the temperatures are high throughout the year, the low areas of the north remain humid and hot in the summer and the lowest temperatures can reach 20 ° C, while in the part South change according to the function of elevation. In general, 73% of the country has a temperate sub-humid climate.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful country that offers you hundreds of places that will make your holidays unforgettable. Come and enjoy the best holiday destination!

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