The 5 best routes along the Amazon River

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Today we will embark on a fantastic adventure through the Amazon River. And this river is not any river: it is the longest in South America and the most flowing one in the world.

The Amazon River is full of so many surprises where you can’t miss any detail. That is why we want to describe by detail its incredible 5 best routes.

This spectacular river is the most flowing one in the world and its large amount of water houses thousands of different species of flora and fauna, some of them still unclassified.

The majestic Amazon River crosses up to 8 countries: Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Suriname.

Its main rivers are.

  • Napo
  • Caquetá
  • Pastaza
  • Nanay
  • Chambira
  • Huallaga
  • Tapajós

Now that we know a little more about this river, now let’s know the 5 best routes along the Amazon River through which you can venture to discover it in its entirety.

Amazon River: Route from Tabatinga to Manaus

Panorámica de la ciudad de Manaos con el Amazonas al fondo.
Porto e Cidade de Manaus

Tabatinga is a city and border with Leticia located in Colombia. From this city depart the boats that go to Manaus.

In these boats it is very easy to socialize since their spaces are narrow.

On this route you can see the pink dolphins which are very famous on this route, without forgetting the beautiful sunsets.

These routes are lovely because the boats have spaces where you can hang your hammock and enjoy the pure nature or if you prefer to go in a cabin with more comfort.

If you venture to stay with hammocks then be careful and carry with you insect repellents since you will be at the expense of the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon River: Route from Manaus to Santarem

An excellent route is this one. Here is where we can see how the Black River joins the Amazon River.

You can see an extensive black line drawn by the union of these waters. Something truly spectacular!

You will always have wonderful sunsets at your fingertips.

You will have boats available almost every day of the week except Sundays.

Amazon River: Route of Alter do Chao

Amazing beaches in the Amazon! Had you imagined it? If you are not told, you won’t probably believe it.

In this route you will live great adventures, but above all enjoy its beautiful beaches and sand. It is a paradise hidden in the Amazon that you can’t ignore.

Amazon River: Route from Santarem to Belem

From Santarem to Belem you can see one of the best landscapes you can find in the Amazon. In addition to the beautiful beaches that you find in the Amazon you can also see an area of ​​very narrow channels.

You will also find boats that will arrive to your boat selling from food to handmade products so that you have memories of this great experience.

Amazon River: Route from Iquitos to the Amazon River

We can’t forget this fun route. The city of Iquitos located in the Peruvian Amazon brings many hidden adventures and as you will imagine stunning views from the exit of Iquitos to the Amazon River.

In this section you can’t ignore the smell of nature, since you have the bushes near you.

As you enter the river you can see many kinds of birds in the clear sky, the “howler monkey” and the unmissable sloth bear.

In addition to this you get with the famous alligators, which you should be prepared if you fear these animals.

So you already have the 5 best routes along the Amazon River so you can choose which one to start, they will all offer you an insurmountable adventure. It’s up to you!

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