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Peru is a large country, where we can make long 24-hour bus trips between Lima and Cuzco or take a flight that takes us deep into the jungle of Iquitos.

It’s a diverse country, with cultures, traditions, flavors, landscapes and even different traits.

A trip to Peru can last for months in which you can discover all this diversity in each of its corners.

But we can also take home many memories and sensations discovering the main places. You just have to organize well to make the most of your trip.

That’s why we’ve written this post to organize your trip to Peru, so you can discover it on your own without missing anything.

It all starts with the big question: Do I to visit the jungle at the beginning or at the end of the trip? (and if you had not considered visiting the jungle you can start doing it right now).

Obviously we already visited the mountain in Cusco, Machu Picchu and another Andean city like Arequipa, with the Colca Canyon or Puno and the majestic Lake Titicaca.

Well, there is no exact answer, we can simply assure you that when you make it, you will enjoy it a lot, since, as they always say to many friends, the Peruvian jungle has become in one of their best experiences.


Spend your first day in Lima

But really the vast majority of travel begins in Lima. It is a coastal city, with a taste of ceviche and pisco sour, modernity and tradition but without surprising enough to devote more than a full day.

These are the main places to visit and the recommended duration:

We started by Arequipa to acclimatize the body to the height. From its city located 2,335 meters high, we will depart to the Colca Valley with higher altitudes.

From there we can go to Puno without having to return to Arequipa, since we can take a transfer from Chivay to Puno in which we will even stop at Laguna Rosa to observe flamingos until arriving at our hotel in Puno.

Lake Titicaca and Islands

The next day Lake Titicaca is a must as well as a stop at 3 of its most representative islands: Uros Island, Taquile and Amantaní.

The next day we will return to Puno, where we will spend the night before taking a tourist bus, stopping at Andahuaylillas and seeing its famous chapel; in Raqchi where we will enjoy the Wiracocha Temple; and in Pukara and its lithic museum.

Arrival to the indispensable City of Cuzco

Plaza de armas cusco

Cuzco welcomes us with its cobbled streets and the feeling of having reached a special place. Without a doubt, this is a city that makes us fall in love to it, in which 4 days are the minimum that should be dedicated, if not more.

Without a doubt, if you have one day left in your plan, you’d better dedicate it to Cuzco. You will not regret it.

During the first day you can visit the city: the Cuzco Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, Corikanchs, Dacdahyuman.

The second and third days in Cuzco are just dedicated for Machu Picchu. The day after returning to Cuzco you can visit it.

Maras Moray is another option to have a calmer day or Rainbow Mountain for the most restless.

One more day in Cuzco for its markets, restaurants and museums and the jungle awaits you.

You can be lucky and your dates fit so you can take your direct flight to Iquitos or have to stop in Lima

Direct flight to Iquitos

poblado iquitos

Keep in mind that if you arrive in the morning you can start the tour that same day.

Otherwise we advise you to spend that day in Iquitos and start the next morning, so you can take advantage of all the hours of the tour.

The experience has taught us that if you only have 15 days it is better that you choose between Arequipa or Puno, otherwise it is a trip that you will have to do quickly

Finally and after 3 or 4 days you will return to Iquitos, either to spend the night in one of its hotels with swimming pool, or you will take a flight directly to Lima, where you will spend the night before taking your flight home.

As you see, we have divided the trip into several blocks and we have mentioned a little about each one so that you can organize your trip to Peru by yourself.

The experience has taught us that if you only have 15 days it is better that you choose between Arequipa or Puno, otherwise it is a trip that you will have to do quickly.

Although you already know that everyone has their way of traveling, you simply have to get to know yourself and do what you want, because it is your trip and it will be unique and different because it is yours.

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