Beaches and coves in Mallorca you cannot miss

playas y calas de mallorca

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If you are thinking of visiting the beaches and coves in Mallorca and want to know which ones you cannot miss, let us tell you which ones should definitely be on your list and why.

About Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands and one of the most chosen destinations in the western Mediterranean. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to see the incredible beaches, limestone mountains and Roman ruins that make it one of the best destinations in Spain and Europe.

Although Palma, its capital, tends to have a very lively nightlife, Covid-19 has limited it to terrace evenings that offer the opportunity to enjoy the best pink sunsets in the Mediterranean while having some drinks with friends.

The city also offers a lot of attractions that you must have seen in pictures, such as the Royal Moorish Palace of La Almudaina and the 13th century Cathedral of Santa Maria. Both, being right at the seafront, make it clear why this is one of the most visited cities in Spain.

catedral palma de mallorca
Cathedral of Santa Maria

Contrary to what many people think, the island is very quiet and perfect for visiting with children. The beaches and coves of Mallorca have crystal clear water, which in the distance seems turquoise. Therefore, they have nothing to envy to the Caribbean. This is the perfect resting spot with the most beautiful landscapes.

I visited the island recently and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. My group of friends and I decided to buy a flight without thinking about it too much (because they are usually very cheap, around 20 euros round trip), we rented a car and visited some of the most beautiful coves and beaches of Mallorca.

I enjoyed my stay on the island so much that I couldn’t keep myself from sharing it here. So, even if we did not manage to visit the 262 beaches that it has in total or practiced all the activities that there are to do in Mallorca, let me share some of my favorite beaches within the ones I was able to visit.

Best beaches and coves in Mallorca

Portal Vells

We started with Portal Vells. One of the most popular beaches in Mallorca among locals that despite being close to Magaluf, the party town, has a totally different atmosphere because of the local families who appreciate the beauty of the beach and spend their whole day there.

This beach is very known because of its crystal clear water and caves you can visit. By being close to the rocky areas, you can actually dive and discover everything at the bottom of the sea. I brought my diving glasses and saw some spectacular fishes, so don’t forget to bring yours!

The only way to get here is by car, which is actually good since you can avoid the crowds. Since the beach is small, try to arrive early anyway.

To eat here, you will find a fast food restaurant and some Mallorcan dishes. If you want to try something else, the best thing is to go to Palma Nova or Santa Ponsa.

beaches and coves in mallorca

Cala Agulla

The Cala Agulla beach is one of the most striking. Located less than 2 km away from the medieval town of Capdepera, it is a place full of history and tradition, with settlements dating back to no less than the Bronze Age.

This beach is surrounded by wilderness beauty like sand dunes, desert plants, rocky areas and pine trees that are concentrated in the Peninsula de Llevant Natural Park. Its landscapes, few buildings and clear and clean waters, make it part of the list of best beaches and coves of Mallorca for water sports like kayaking and paddle, among others.

You can arrive easily by car with several options for paid parking. If not, you can also take a bus or cab which from Capdepera will not be very expensive.

There are several basic beach bars for snacks and drinks, but if you want to eat something else, as I said, Capdepera is just a step away and will be the best option.

Blue sky mallorca

Cala Santanyí

This is a very cozy cove because it is surrounded by several hotels and restaurants with good beach rates and spectacular cuisine.

Although it has more buldilg surrounding it, it is ideal if you like to be comfortably under an umbrella knowing that you can then go to a nearby hotel either to rest or take a dip in the pool. In the Cala Santanyí you will enjoy an extensive beach of fine white sand with clear and calm waters. A spectacular place for families and visitors looking to enjoy different activities.

It is easily accessible by car and bus, and has restaurants that offer good food at affordable prices.

dont miss mallorca


The beach of Formentor is one of the most virgin places, located at the northeast of Mallorca. It is surrounded by dense pine forests where you can rest under the shade when it is warmer, and incredible views of the Tramuntana mountains. Although it is narrow, it is also quite long. This means that its waters are shallow and the sea is generally calm, two fundamental characteristics to be visited with children.

It is an ideal place for people of all ages, including young families who enjoy the beauty and tranquility that characterize it. If you decide to go, don’t miss the Formentor viewpoint on the road from Port de Pollença to Formentor. From here you will be able to see the whole coast full of cliffs in contrast with the famous turquoise waters of Mallorca, from quite high.

viewpoint formentor mallorca

You can get there by car, although parking is expensive, or by bus from the Puerto de Pollensa. The bus stop is located near the entrance to the parking lot. If you dare, you can also do it on foot or by bike as it is one of the favorite destinations for cyclists and hikers.

Camp de Mar

The beach of Camp de Mar is characterized by the exclusive hotels that surround it, so it is not common to find large party bars or nightclubs. This is rather a place where people go to rest and have a quiet stay between the sea and hotels.

It is a very clean beach that has a variety of restaurants in the sun and a meeting point for recognized characters like the German model Claudia Schiffer.

Sunset in mallorca

Cala Tuent

If you want to spend quiet moments but at the same time enjoy an incredible view, the beach Cala Tuent does not fall short of beauty.

Much less frequented than its neighboring beach Sa Calobra (also very beautiful) this beach boasts incredible emerald landscapes that make local residents and tourists want to spend their days of harmony here. Curious fact: its mountainous landscapes are declared cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The atmosphere is so pleasant and quiet that if you want to relax, the cove is ideal. The wind doesn’t blow much so it’s the perfect place to read that book you wanted.

kayak mallorca

Playa de Alcudia

Although there are many more beaches, I’d like to close my list of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca with the Beach of Alcudia, which is a Great Beach to visit with your family, since it has quite clean bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers. Aswell as a play area suitable for children. With gymnastic equipment and numerous water sports. Everything impeccable.

Its waters are extremely clean and calm, although it seems that – depending on the weather – waves rise from the north, perfect for other water sports.

Although it has some bars and restaurants, it is classified as one of the most discreet beaches.

palma de mallorca

What to take to Mallorca

  1. ID or Passport, depending on whether you are from the European Union or not.
  2. Sun cream. You will need it not to get burned with the good climate of Mallorca.
  3. Summer clothes. It also depends on what time of the year you visit.
  4. Money. Either cash or credit card.
  5. A camera. To remember your wonderful visit.
  6. Diving glasses.
  7. Mask in time of Covid-19.
mallorca howlanders

Now that you know the beaches of Mallorca in detail, we would love to encourage you to visit the ones we mentioned and other more. Enjoy your fullest and dare to try all the adventure activities that perhaps before you have not dared to do. Enjoy Mallorca, its beaches, its food and its people!


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