Beaches in Javea Spain: the paradise of the Costa Blanca

beaches in javea spain

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If you travel to Spain, the best advice we can give you is to take an egg to enjoy the best beaches in Javea, Spain, on your trip to Spain. The experience of visiting the Costa Blanca is unique, with its clear waters, small rocky coves, impressive cliffs … Come on, quite an adventure!

We tell you which are the best beaches and coves of Javea for you to come and see that Spain has nothing to envy to other paradisiacal destinations. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Cala en Caló

Cala en Caló is one of the most beautiful in Jávea and is located behind a rocky outcrop, a little hidden and unknown to many. To get there you need to go kayaking or paddle surfing and the best option is to go from Granadella beach, one of the best known in the area.

This paradisiacal cove of transparent turquoise water is surrounded by cliffs and wilderness, can you imagine the spectacular views? 🙂 . You could say that visiting the cove in Caló is synonymous with tranquility, adventure and nature.

If you take the kayaking beginners tips will be useful for you.

The Cueva del Llop Marí is next to Cala en Caló and is a natural paradise worth admiring. Going in any boat is prohibited, so the fauna and flora of the place is protected. So, if you come to this cave, do not think twice and snorkel in this corner of the Mediterranean.

Cala Granadella in Jávea

Cala Granadella is one of the best beaches and coves in Jávea, that’s why it is in our top 6. Besides being one of the best sites where to snorkel in Spain.

Granadella is one of the best known coves and you can access it by parking your car and then walking or taking the bus provided by the town hall of Javea. The views of this cove are amazing, the water is super transparent and lets see minnows and the bottom with total clarity, full of minnows. Besides being surrounded by rocky cliffs.

In short, this cove not only offers time to relax and sunbathe, but to enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, swimming, paddle surfing or kayaking.

General view of the whole Granadella

Arenal beach

The Arenal beach in Jávea is one of the few sandy beaches in the area. This feature makes it singular and unique, as the combination of white sand with turquoise and crystal clear water offer you wonderful views. You can relax and swim peacefully along this beach of Jávea.

Panoramic view of Arenal Beach

Cala Portitxol

On the list of the best beaches in Jávea, Spain, had to be the Portitxol cove. It is also called the Cala de la Barraca, because in this area of Spain small traditional houses are called barraca, and all along the coast there are quite a few fishermen’s cottages decorating the landscape.

You can access it both on foot from the Mirador de la Cruz del Portitxol and by car along the road to Cabo de la Nao, yes, we advise you to go early to ensure a good place in the cove.

As in the other beaches mentioned, in Portixol you can do scuba diving and snorkeling perfectly, since the color of the water is ideal and there is very good visibility.

General view of the whole Portitxol Cove

Cala Blanca

Passing the halfway point of the list of the best beaches in Jávea, Spain, is Cala Blanca, very well known among the locals. Its views are spectacular and it has a curiosity, it consists of three smaller coves that are next to each other.

The main cove is “la Blanca”, its length is 300 meters approximately and is named for the white color of its stones and neighboring cliffs. Reaching it is easy, you will not have any problem. But, if what you want is to go to the rest of the adjoining coves, get ready, they come curves!

The “Caleta I” is about 80 meters and is located at the end of Ultramar Avenue, the road that leads to Cala Blanca. So its access is also comfortable and you can go to the Mirador de Cala Blanca without problem, it will be worth it.

Continuing with the second adjoining cove, the “Caleta II”, comment that it is a real natural gem, with crystal clear waters and virgin landscape. This cove is even smaller than the previous ones and you can access it on foot from the “Caleta I”. The views of the cliffs from this corner are spectacular.

Finally, the “Caleta del Francés”, the most hidden and wild. Its access is a little more complicated, but surely your adventurous soul wants to discover this beach paradise. So, once you are in the “Caleta II”, you will walk along narrow rocks, very close to the water until you reach the “Caleta del Francés”, a real marvel 🙂 .

Cala Ambolo

Aerial view of the tower of Ambolo

We are sorry to say that the list of the best beaches in Javea Spain comes to an end and, we say goodbye talking about Cala Ambolo, a real natural jewel. However, as of today it is still closed due to risk of landslide. So we recommend that you take note, and on your next trip to Jávea visit it 😉 .

Ambolo is a virgin cove of white sand, clear blue waters and huge cliffs. Well known in the world of climbing and snorkeling, as it is an ideal place to practice both activities. As for its access, you will not have any difficulty.

As a curiosity, did you know the origin of the name of this beach? It turns out that it comes from the Tower of Ambolo, one of the many watchtowers of the sixteenth century to protect against pirate attacks.

I’m sure that after all this information you have added some of the best beaches in Javea, Spain, to your list of places to see on the Costa Blanca. We hope you enjoy each of these magical corners, which beach are you going to visit first?


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