Information of Opening times and prices of the Teide cable bar in Tenerife

Cable car teide price and opening times

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If you have to choose a destination in Spain to travel to, it is not surprising that you visit the Canary Islands and especially Tenerife. Surely among your plans, is to visit the Teide, one of the biggest attractions of the island. Therefore, today we tell you the cable car Teide price and opening times so that you have everything under control.

You may also have doubts about the Teide access permit, but don’t worry, in our post about the permits required to climb to the Teide peakyou will find all the information about it.

Before you start you should know that with our climbing Mount Teide and cable car tour and with the Teide sunset and stars tour the cable car tickets are included, as are all the necessary permits to climb to the top of the volcano. With this you get everything easier, forget about paperwork and focus on enjoying your trip in Tenerife.

General view of Pico del Teide

Cable car Teide price

How much does the Teide cable car cost? The daytime ticket price to go up and down varies for adults, children, residents or non-residents. Children are considered to be people between 3 and 13 years old.

Up and down ticket Price
Adult Resident 14,00 €
Non-resident adult 37,00 €
Child resident 9,75 €
Non-resident child 18.50 €

On the other hand, the prices for one-way tickets (up or down) are €9.50 for residents (adult or children), €21.00 for non-resident adults and €10.50 for non-resident children.

Teide cable car opening times

When is the Teide cable car open? The Teide cable car opens at 9:00am and its last departure is at 4:00pm. Of course, there are changes depending on the month of the year.

When Time Last ascent Last descent
All year From 9:00am to 05:00 pm 16:00 h 16:50 h
1/7/2021 – 30/9/2021 From 9:00am to 07:00pm 17:30 h 18:20 h
1/10/2021 – 12/10/2021 From 9:00am to 18:00 h 17:00 h 17:50 h
13/10/2021 – 30/10/2021 From 9:00am to 05:30pm 04:30pm 05:20pm

As a curiosity, the Teide cable car is also in operation at sunset, outside its usual schedule. This is an exclusive service and the maximum number of people it can carry is 90. In our Teide sunset tour you have this service included, you will see how the sun goes down and with the professional telescopes, a breathtaking sky.

People watching the stars from Teide

Now that you know the cable car Teide price and opening times, are you ready to start the adventure? Did you already know that you could see the sunset from the Teide?

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