How to enjoy Summer 2020 in Spain

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It is possible that your original summer plans may have changed or even cancelled due to the current situation. Even so, many people have taken this opportunity and decided to travel closer to their place of origin or within their own country. Getting to know destinations that they’ve always wanted to visit but that, because were so close, left for another time.

So if you have not yet gone on holiday because you’re one off many whose plans have changed or because perhaps do not know where to go, we give you some advice on what we consider to be the best destinations for travelling in Spain for the remainder of this Summer 2020.

Pack your bags, because some of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain may be closer than you think!

What to do in Spain during this Summer?

Driving in Spain

We know that June and July have already ended, but Spain is fortunate to have one of the longest summers in Europe. Meaning that you still have plenty of time to enjoy the amazing climate, the beaches and endless outdoor activities, as well as the wonderful gastronomy of each province, which fortunately is present during the whole year.

Whether it’s a romantic weekend or a rural getaway with friends, here’s a List of things to do in Spain, especially outdoors.

Water activities

Our body has been thirsting for vitamin D now more than ever. After a few months at home, having the sun and the beach so close – or relatively close – is a gift. Whether it’s the turquoise water beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or the green landscapes of the beaches of the north by the Atlantic Ocean, this country has it all.

Paddle surf spain
Even if beaches aren’t your thing, you can also find an incredible variety of freshwater destinations that offer other activities or even the same ones you might find at sea. Whatever it is, here are some ideas of places you can visit and some activities you can do in the water.

Water activities can be done in two different ways:


If you want to know what’s underwater, it’s essential to visit sites with good visibility and therefore clear waters. An example of a good destination is the Balearic Islands, where you can practice activities such as diving and snorkelling, surrounded by a rich marine fauna.

beaches to dive spain

On top of the water

If you want to practice kayaking, rafting or paddle, you can find several destinations with or without sea. Montanejos, located in the Valencian Community, is quita an adventure thanks to its rough waters.

Want to practice surfing?

Spain has some of the best beaches for surfing near the Atlantic Sea. Whether in the north of Spain or in the Canary Islands (particularly Lanzarote). There are beaches for all levels, but if learning how to surf is what you want to do, you can attend a Surf Camp like the one in San Sebastian, where apart from surfing you can also do yoga and meet lots of new people.

surf camp spain

And if none of these alternatives convince you, there will always be water parks. You just have to make sure that the one you want to visit is open and that, as in all the activities mentioned before, safety and hygienic measures are being taken.

Extreme activities

Yes, surfing, kayaking and rafting may also fall into this category, but don’t worry because the list of extreme activities in Spain is long. In fact, more and more people are daring to try them because there are more professionals who specialize in providing you with the best and safest measures.

Here, activities such as bungee jumping are perfect due to the landscape, full of mountains and rivers. However, it is not so frequent to find companies that will help you jump without thinking about it. Therefore, we suggest that you look for good professionals.

Other activities you can practice in many places in Spain are climbing and canyoning. Climbing is a great sport for releasing stress and do some exercise. It is a perfect activity to enjoy nature, just like canyoning, which consists of descending along a watercourse that has formed a ravine or canyon.

what is canyoning

There is a wide range of climbing sites nearby, but if you want you can try the famous Picos de Europa in Asturias, the Sierra de Gredos in Castilla y León or for beginners, La Pedriza in Madrid.

Activities in nature

If you want to be in nature without going crazy, there are other, more peaceful activities.

One of them is hiking, which although you can do almost anywhere in Spain, we recommend you do the Camino de Santiago. Characterised by the fact of walking without being in a hurry and enjoying the landscape. An adventure that one of our colleagues details in one of our posts. In her case, doing the French Way.
Camino De Santiago experience

Apart from hiking the route to Santiago de Compostela, there are plenty of routes around the country that you can take with or without a guide.

Don’t feel like walking? Why not doing horse riding in destinations such as the Cabañeros National Park in Ciudad Real, the Moncayo Nature Reserve in Zaragoza, or the Sierra de Gata Nature Reserve in Cáceres, near the Portuguese border.

Another interesting option ya can also do, is to take a survival course, which in fact we should all take! Who knows!

Survival course howlanders

To do this activity you don’t even have to go very far. There’s actually a course you can take right next to the city of Barcelona, at the Natural Park of the Sierra de Collserola.

Flying in Spain

There are several ways to fly that can offer you an experience very similar to what a bird might feel, it’s up to you what kind of trip you want to make.

Hot air balloon spain

If you want to make a quiet, comfortable trip with wonderful views, a hot-air balloon ride might be a great option. This activity is one of our favourites not only because you’re in the air but also because you’re able to see some of the most beautiful places in Spain from another perspective. As in the case of Segovia, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, as has Toledo, whose historic centre is a setting worthy of Game of Thrones.

Are you more into adrenaline? You can do parachute jumping or paragliding, this last one being more relaxed since instead of jumping into a void, you run down a slope that makes for a much smoother take-off.

Paragliding spain

Gastronomic tourism

If you are a lover of good food, you are lucky enough to be in one of the countries with the best gastronomy in the world and which, fortunately, you can enjoy throughout the year.

From the pintxos of the north, to the tasty Valencian paella, the Andalusian gazpacho and the various tapas all over the country, here you will find food for all tastes. But most importantly (because not everything can be just food): The drink.

To be able to boast about Spanish wine being “one of the best”, you might have to try it, right?

best wine spain

Luckily, there are a lot of places to do tastings. So if you don’t know what to do on a weekend in Spain, this is a great getaway! In which, besides enjoying a good wine, you can visit spectacular vineyards and enjoy a few laughs with friends after a couple of drinks.

These are just some ideas of what you can do in Spain for whats left of the Summer. Activities you can also enjoy in just a weekend. So if you don’t think you’ve taken advantage of the summer enough, make the most of the one’s left. Don’t overthink! Improvise and enjoy!

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