Vía Ferrata de Valdeón, everything you need to know before you go

facts of via ferrata valdeon

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If you are thinking about visiting Spain and going on an excursion to the Picos de Europa we recommend you to visit the Via Ferrata de Valdeón. In this post you will learn the facts of Via Ferrata of Valdeon to visit it perfectly.

Do you know what a Via Ferrata is? They are routes with “artificial” facilities along the way. For example, clamps on the wall, floating bridges and even areas with belay devices. The excursions usually have specialized guides. Do you want to know the facts of the Via Ferrata Valdeón? 🏔

Permission to access

The Vias Ferratas in the Picos de Europa are the best option to get into the heart of the mountains. Walking through them with the help of experts, you can enjoy the natural landscape in the most immersive way. To do this you will have to have a permission from the local town hall.

hikers on valdeon

In this case, to access the Via Ferrata Valdeón you will need a special permit from the Major of Posada de Valdeón. This is a simple form in which you will have to complete your personal data and submit a formal request. If you do the route on your own you will have to look for it yourself, if you do an organized tour you will be able to get it through them.

Adapted to all levels

The first thing you should know is that you do not have to be an expert mountaineer to walk this Via Ferrata. Its route is adaptable according to different sections and difficulties, increasing little by little the level of “risk”.

The first section has a drop of 210 meters, and its route lasts between 2 and 3 hours, it is ideal for beginners. The second section increases to a drop of 245 meters and has two vertical walls (40 and 60 meters). Finally, the third section has aerial edges, for those who are not afraid of vertigo.

Tibetan bridges

One of the peculiarities of this Via Ferrata is that it features incredible tibetan bridges, which will offer you spectacular views of the area. It is the best option to see everything from the heights. 🦅

hikers on tibetan bridge

Tibetan bridges feature a structure of strings in the shape of an inverted triangle. The chest-high ropes help you move forward, and the third rope holds the plank where you will walk.

What to wear

To do the route of the Via Ferrata of Valdeón you should have comfortable and breathable clothes and good mountain shoes. Think that the routes by sections usually last between 2 and 5 hours or so. 🕒

You will also need to wear a helmet to protect yourself properly. Finally it is very important to wear sunscreen and stay well hydrated throughout the tour. To be able to enjoy it without any problem.

Now that you know all the facts of Via Ferrata of Valdeon… do you dare to do it?

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