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Spain is known for having sun and beach but, this destination is much more, there are also mountains and rain, those from the north know it well 😉 . In short, Spain has a great variety of landscapes, traditions and food. Today we tell you the best Spanish food.

Depending on the Spanish area you visit there will be some culinary specialties or others, and is that Spain is characterized by its multiculturalism. So, let’s start with the list of the best Spanish food so that depending on where you make your next trip to Spain you dare to try the best of the place.

Valencian Paella

If you visit the region of Valencia you can’t leave without trying the famous Valencian paella, the best dish around. The perfect plan to enjoy the Levante coast and the Mediterranean Sea is the sea caves snorkel and kayak tour in Jávea and then, to recharge, eat a good paella. Just thinking about it makes our mouths water!

In the Valencian Community you can eat a different rice dish every day, but let’s focus on the more traditional version. It is a dish that combines rice with chicken, rabbit and different vegetables.

Valencian chicken and rabbit paella

Although it can be tasted all over Spain, Valencian paella is from Valencia. So if you visit this territory and eat a good paella it will be an unforgettable experience! On your return home it will be inevitable not to think about it and start smelling the aroma of the beach and salt water.

It’s no wonder that paella is on the list of the best Spanish food, so we encourage you to try it. Also, if you have a more adventurous instinct, you can try the black paella. The rice acquires this color from the ink of the octopus or squid. In short, any type of paella is finger-licking good.

Patatas bravas

Spanish tapas are a whole world, so we present the patatas bravas for you to order with a beer on any terrace or bar in Spain (a “very Spanish” plan). Without any doubt it is part of the best Spanish gastronomy 🙂 .

This dish varies quite a bit throughout the country, but all versions have fried potatoes as the main ingredient and add a salsa with a spicy touch. In Madrid they call “salsa brava” the result of mixing sweet and spicy paprika, olive oil, broth and flour. Others prefer to keep their recipe a secret and maintain the mystery.

Patatas bravas dish

So, one thing is clear, to know well how patatas bravas are, we recommend you try them on more than one occasion and if possible, in different cities and at different times. They feel good at any time of the day, especially after doing adventure or water sports like our tours in Mallorca.

Cochinillo from Segovia

The city of Segovia was declared a World Heritage Site so it’s no wonder it’s your next destination 🙂 but can you think of a better way to get to know it than from the sky? After your Segovia hot air balloon rides you need to recharge your batteries to continue with your adventure. We recommend you the star dish of the area, the “cochinillo asado”(roast suckling pig).

Roast suckling pig has earned a place on the list of the best Spanish food. The pork meat is cooked in huge wood-fired ovens and because of this, the end result is exquisite. You will enjoy a tender meat that, before serving, is cut with the side of a clay dish.

Now you know that Segovia is much more than “the Roman aqueduct”, you can also enjoy roast suckling pig. If you want to reach culinary ecstasy, you can always order it with a good local wine and bay leaves.

Galician octopus

Another of the best Spanish food or one of the best known is Galician octopus, typical of the north of the country. So if you are one of the adventurers who decide to do the French Way of Saint James from Sarria this dish is ideal to make a light but full of energy meal.

This dish manages to enhance the flavor of the octopus, as it combines paprika, rock salt and olive oil. It is usually served over sliced potatoes and on a thick wooden plate, and it would be ready to taste!

Galician octopus clse-up

Roasted cheese with mojo

Another tapa or snack typical of the Canary Islands is grilled cheese with mojo. It is exquisite, regardless of whether you order it with a water or a beer, for us it is one of the best Sapanish food. It emerged in La Palma and nowadays the locals eat it at any time.

So, ordering a portion of grilled cheese with mojo before or after doing either the tour of the Caldera de Taburiente National Park in La Palma or if you are on other islands and do the Lanzarote volcanoes route is always a good plan. It will leave you with a good taste in your mouth 🙂 .

In general, this dish consists of a couple of slices of tender or semi-cured (smoked) canarian cheese roasted in the oven. When the famous mojo sauce is added on top, yum yummy ! it smells so good., it gives it a magical touch. This sauce is mainly composed of garlic, different peppers, cumin and sweet paprika.


The famous Andalusian gazpacho is refreshing, ideal for summer meals by the beach. This delicatessen is a blend of:

  • ripe tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • bread
  • garlic
  • cucumber
  • peppers

Spanish gazpacho close-up

When you try it you will understand why it is one of the best Spanish food. We recommend you to try it in Andalusia, specifically in Seville, after kayaking. Although in any corner of the country you can find a good one.

Cocido madrileño

Madrid, besides being the capital of the country, is known for its famous “cocido madrileño”, one of the best Spanish food. It’s hot, perfect for winter and even better, if you take it in good company 🙂 .

This dish could be summarized in: chickpeas with vegetables and meat. Although it seems simple it is delicious and will give you the energy you need to continue with your adventure in Spain.

Potato omelette

The potato omelette is the undisputed queen of Spanish foods, it is also recognized worldwide and surely you know that there is nothing more Spanish and tastier than this omelette. It is unquestionably one of the best dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

The recipe is simple, it consists of beating the eggs well and adding already cut and fried potato to them. Depending on whether you are a fan of onion or not, you can modify the recipe to your liking and add a little to it. In fact, many innovate and start adding different ingredients to this star dish. But beware, it will no longer be potato omelet 😉 .

Potato omelette dish

You can order it in any bar in the country as a tapa, for lunch or dinner, as you prefer. If you order a potato omelette sandwich we recommend adding a little grated tomato on top, you’ll see how delicious. As a final tip, eating this dish of Spanish gastronomy on a terrace in the sun is at another level.

Asturian Fabada

Like “cocido madrileño”, the base of “fabada asturiana” is garbanzos (chickpeas) and lentils. This “spoon” dish, as it is called in Spain, is another gastronomic must when visiting the north of the country. In addition, it is ideal for winter days or when it cools off in summer, so you’ll warm up.

Apart from chickpeas and lentils, the fabada has as ingredients all kinds of meats, it invites you to let your imagination run wild and add black pudding, chorizo … come on, all the meats you want 🙂 .

Asturian fabada dish

Spanish nougat

When Christmas arrives in all family meals and dinners there are tons of nougat (“turrón” in spanish). Come on, if you visit Spain at this time you have the opportunity to try this sweet so characteristic of the area.

The best nougat is from Alicante (East from Spain), the classic contains almonds from the region, honey and egg white. For those with a sweet tooth you can always find chocolate ones. It may not be one of the best Spanish food but it is one of the best Spanish appetizers or desserts.

Spanish nougat close-up

Churros with chocolate

At the bottom of the list of the best dishes in Spain are “churros con chocolate”. Mind you, this does not mean that they are less delicious than the other Spanish foods mentioned.

These churros are the kings of sweet and always come with good memories as the end of a night out or a family Sunday. You can find them everywhere in Spain and order them as a dessert or at any time of the day to satiate your appetite.

Churros with chocolate order

Now that you know which are the best Spanish gastronomy you just need to try them. Surely you will not be disappointed! Which one do you think is more delicious? Have you tried any of them already? We read you 🙂 .

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