Thrilling things to do in Montanejos

things to do in montanejos

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The town of Montanejos

Located in the interior of the province of Castellón, about 90km from Valencia, Montanejos is known for its thermal waters and for being the perfect spot for adventure activities and thrilling things to do, such as hiking, canoeing, climbing or zip-line descent.

With about 500 inhabitants, this town is crossed by the Mijares River, the river that gives its name to the region where the municipality is located: the Alto Mijares. Known mostly for the landscape that surrounds it, the town also stands out for the legacy that was left by the Islamic culture. A culture whose inhabitants were definitively expelled in 1609 but that is still present in the orchards and irrigation systems. As well as in the planning of the town and La Alquería, the original neighbourhood of the town in which the Castle is located.

Unlike other areas, Montanejos has a very interesting history of more than 200 years, related to health and well-being, thanks to its thermal water sources with mineral-medicinal properties.

With its breathtaking nature, rocky landscapes and crystal clear water…you might feel like you’re in paradise. This village is definitely a hidden gem, surrounded by mountains and geothermal pools, the starting point for beautiful hikes.

This thermal spring has an estimated flow rate of 6,000 litres per minute and a constant temperature of 25ºC all year round, making it a paradise! The refreshing water and the beautiful natural landscapes make it a perfect place to relax, disconnect and escape the Spanish heat whether you are alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

If you love adventures, make sure to read this blog, because we will list all the most exciting activities and thrilling things to do in Montanejos.

White water rafting

You want to taste the thrill of a romantic getaway; to strengthen your team spirit by testing your colleagues during a company seminar, or to explore rivers in a sportive way and full of sensations?

Then, the white water rafting tour is perfect for you! Here, you will be on a boat with the people of your choice, but even if you are by yourself, you’ll get to know and bond with other people from the same boat. During this tour, you will not only get a rush of adrenaline, but you will also enjoy the rocky landscapes and the clear water of Montanejos.

The starting point is located in the Mijares River, one of the best places in the region to practice this thrilling and refreshing activity. You will be guided during the whole tour and taught how to use the equipment and know all the safety precautions.

When the tour is over you will probably want to relax, so make sure to do so by taking a swim in the Fuente de Los Banos. The most popular place to swim and to take pictures that everyone will be jealous of.

White water rafting montanejos Howlanders

Canyoning in Montanejos

Are you an adrenaline addict? Then you have probably heard of canyoning, an activity that consists of walking down the bed of a river or torrent, using the natural obstacles present on the course. If you love nature, adventure and thrills, then you will certainly love canyoning in Montanejos. It’s the discovery of magnificent new horizons full of suspense.

If you didn’t know about it, now is the time to add a new activity as one of your passions. You can do that by doing the canyoning tour in Montanejos. A tour where you will abseil down rivers, jump (never obligatory), slide down natural slides sculpted by water, and pass through siphons among other activities.

During the tour, you will also have the possibility to just cool off and enjoy the refreshing water. All of that in an exceptional aquatic and mineral universe and gathered to make you spend an unforgettable day.

Canyoning Montanejos Howlanders

White water kayaking

Want to descend the rough waters of the Mijares River, making it a real adventure?

With the white water kayak tour, you will not only enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Montanejos but also have fun and increase your heart rate at the same time. Did you know that experts say that kayaking is one of the best exercises to keep our heart healthy and breathe efficiently?

During this activity, you will live a thrilling experience by enjoying nature. Alone or accompanied by your family, partner or friends while enjoying a fun and safe way to explore the wonderful environment. And don’t even worry if this is your first time! Here, you will be accompanied at all times by our guides and with the kayak that best suits your needs.

After this adrenaline rush, we can guarantee you will be hungry, so we recommend you to try the River Club Restaurant. An open-air restaurant with a view on the river and a shaded chill-out area, perfect to relax. They serve typical Valencian food but are known for their good paella and their fresh sea-food.

Kayaking Montanejos Howlanders

Rock climbing

Want to discover what rock climbing feels like?

With our rock climbing tour, you will be able to find your inner child at the end of the rope. Climbing at your own pace, in a friendly and rural atmosphere, you will be accompanied from the beginning until the end. So don’t worry if you are a beginner, this tour is also suitable for you since no skills are required or experience is needed.

We assure you that you will find it very uplifting when you notice the progress you make in just a day, by reaching the top of the climbing wall. The views once you arrive on top are so breathtaking, that we recommend you to take a disposable camera. These cameras do not only take great shots but aren’t too expensive. So if you actually lose it, you don’t have to worry too much about it. But if not, you can have your photos printed for the long-lasting memories.

Does this sound like the adventure for you? If yes, then take a deep breath, hold on to the wall, and off you go!

Rock climbing Montanejos Howlanders

So whether you want to come to Montanejos as a group and share the most delirious moments; or by yourself, because you’re really that adventurous, make sure to check at least one of the previously mentioned tours to make it happen.

Be reminded that the inflatable raft boats allow any beginner to enjoy rivers without difficulty. But if you’re a daredevil, you can switch to rigid boats and test yourself with our kayak tour which is the must for thrills and excitement.

If on the other hand, you want a mix between hiking, climbing and white water sports, then our canyoning tour is made for you. But if you finally decide that water sports are not your cup of tea and you prefer to see breathtaking views of natural landscapes, then we highly recommend our rock climbing tour.

So when you want to slip away from the heat or have an adventure in nature, you know all about the thrilling things to do in Montanejos.


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