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Looking for a location for your next travels? Mallorca is the perfect place for you! No matter what your heart desires, this destination has it. There’s a reason this destination is the most popular in the Mediterranean sea and nicknamed the crown jewel of the Balearic islands. Want to relax by some white sand beaches, swim in crystal clear waters and soak up the sun? Discover some of Mallorcas beautiful beaches and coastal areas. Want to try good seafood, admire spanish architecture or try some wineries? It’s towns offer all of that. Are you an adventure addict? There are so many exciting, fun activities to do here. In this blog we’ll list some of our favourite activities to do in this paradise. 

Diving & Snorkeling in Mallorca

With these two tours you’ll discover the hidden underwater world of the Mediteranean sea. It’s full of colourful fish, beautiful flora and secrets waiting to be discovered. You’ll be brought to the marine reserve where we dive or snorkel by boat. On the boat ride the guide will describe the techniques and equipment used for this activity. Our equipment is great quality and very safe to use. The guides are also experts so if you have any questions or fears just let them know and they will help. It’s up to you whether to snorkel or dive. Diving will show you the bottom of the sea. You can admire all the deeper water flora and fauna and feel at one with the ocean. If you chose to snorkel you get to jump into the water, and then snorkel around the water. You’ll see different types of colourful fish, discover caves and relax in a natural water pool. This is a tour that really reminds you of the beauty and diversity of the Mediterranean sea. 

Tip: To remember this excursion, buy a disposable underwater camera. They’re not too expensive as they can be used only one time, but will produce the funniest photos that you’ll look at and laugh about for years. 

Diver jumping into the sea water


Coasteering is a great tour to do when you crave an adrenaline rush, some exercise and then a nice cool off in the crystal clear waters of Mallorca. It combines everything- fun, excitement and some relaxing at the end. You’ll start right with the fun and jump off some cliffs (you can choose the height between 2 – 8 meters). Even if the jump seems scary at first, the inviting Mediterranean water will be irresistible. Don’t worry about the cold temperature, our guides will give you the right equipment and wetsuits to wear. Next, you will climb back up the cliffs with no ropes, just the advice of the guide. This will make you feel warm, so to cool back off you’ll now climb down 8 meters into the water, with the help of a rope this time. Now it’s time to end this tour with an exciting adrenaline rush. What better way to do it than zip line across a part of the sea! You’ll zip line from one cliff to another, then land in the cooling waters to take your final dip of the tour. What an exciting day it’s been and what a fun way to end this tour.

Paddle Surfing

paddle surfers in sea

Stand up paddling or paddle surfing is a beautiful way to discover the area. It’s comfortable and exciting. While standing on a board and paddling around, you’ll see so many hidden caves, natural swimming pools and famous cliffs. The guide will first explain how to balance, paddle and guide on the board before you start. It’s easy to learn and you’ll be a pro at it fast. You can also combine this activity with snorkeling, so you get to enjoy the views from above and underwater. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as you’ll spend a lot of time in the sun. After this adventure you will be hungry, so we recommend trying the restaurant “7 Fuegos”. It’s directly next to the tour meeting point (7 second walk on google maps). So you can swing by and have a good meal when you’re done with your paddle surfing adventure. They serve typical local Mallorcan dishes so you can immerse yourself into the local culture. They’re also well known for their great quality seafood, if you want to enjoy some from the areas you were just discovering. 


Want to navigate the sea, while breathing in the fresh breeze and feeling the wind in your hair? Join a one day kayaking tour! It’s exciting, fun and a great aquatic experience. Anyone can join as long as you can swim. Enjoy the views of the coast of Mallorca and due to the clear sea water the underwater views of the fish and fauna. You can choose to be in a kayak alone or with a partner, and of course our nice guide will be by your side the entire tour to make sure you’re feeling safe. Paddle through caves and past cliffs. When you’re tired, and in the mood to relax the group will stop at some incredible natural pools. This day will make you feel at one with nature, and show you of the beauty of mallorca. Enjoy the views of this paradise on your way back to the meeting point, then take a nice warm shower at the dive center provided by us. To end this great day, sip a cocktail on the terrace of the Nautical Club and think about all the impressive things you saw and did today. 

Kayaking in Mallorca

Catamaran in Mallorca

Would you like to do an activity that lets you enjoy the sea 100%? We recommend renting a catamaran and navigating around the island. This lets you enjoy the versatility of Mallorca, seeing it’s white sand beaches, coastal towns and famous cliffs. With the catamaran rental from BoatJump you can make the program that’s perfect for you. There’s also a high number of marinas and ports to stop on the trip in Mallorca. Want to party, expand your social circle and enjoy the island’s nightlife? BoatJump will make it easy for you to rent a boat. Want to escape your daily routine and spend some time relaxing in a quiet paradise? You’ll find a perfect tour for this too. A catamaran rental is the best option if you are travelling with your family or with a group of friends because you have plenty of space and comfortable sunbathing spots available, plus the risk of getting seasick is much lower than on a sailboat.

Catamaran in Mallorca BoatJump

Adventure Tour 

Are you an adrenaline junkie or extreme sports lover who isn’t satisfied by snorkeling or going on a boat? We have the perfect tour for you! This tour offers all the excitement and adventure you can want in one day. Based in Cala Romántica in Manacor, you will enjoy beautiful views of the cliffs and ocean too. No previous experience or skills are needed for this tour- you just have to be able to swim. It combines water and land circuits. To warm up, we’ll take a 30 minute trek along the cliffs, to enjoy the views over the Mediterranean sea. To cool off, you’ll rappel down a 20 meter cliff and then jump (with a harness on) into the refreshing water. Now that you’re wet we’ll explore the underwater caves with interior lakes. The guide will tell you all about the rock formations and fauna. They’ll also answer any questions you might have. You also have the option to swim and jump around inside the caves, which is so much fun. Don’t worry, our guides are well trained and will take good care of you. Finally, you will climb back up to the top of the cliffs, enjoying a beautiful view over the sea once again. Trekking back 30 minutes, we’ll arrive at the meeting point and the tour is over. 

Climbing in Mallorca Howlanders

Mallorca is a great trip for anyone looking to discover a new place, experience a new culture and have a large number of activities to choose from. You’ll never get bored here! When you need some adventure after relaxing on the white sand beaches or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, give our recommended activities a try. We promise, they won’t disappoint! 

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