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If you aren’t traveling much, finding the best gift for a traveler may be much harder than you thought. We have good news for you! The market is currently full of gadgets that can be useful during travel, so gifts don’t have to be boring! We are here with a whole bunch of inspirations – for Christmas, birthday, or maybe for another occasion. Check out our ideas for the best gift for a traveler! We hope that you will find it helpful!

Practical survival package

Practical things are, of course, an excellent idea, but make sure that the person you want to bestow does not have that thing in their inventory. Some of these items are not universal enough to buy for someone you don’t know very well. 


Small and handy – an inseparable companion of every wanderer’s journey. Good quality product will work on the longest route, challenging escapade or exploration of the largest caves.


Nowadays, energy is extremely necessary – especially during travels, when you need to charge your smartphone with a map.

Pocket knife

If someone travels mainly by plane, a pocket knife is not a good idea. At the first check-in at the airport, the gift would be confiscated. However, it will be perfect for wild adventure catchers – for camping, road trip, and hitchhiking journey!

Solar shower

A Capacity of 20 liters, a few hours of sunshine and you can hang it on a tree and take a hot shower! The whole construction is very simple and lightweight, so afterward you can just fold it up and put in your backpack.

Bottle with carbon filter

Ecological solution – you don’t have to buy bottled water and contribute to increasing the production of plastic.Sounds like a perfect gift for a traveler? Also, a growing number of companies are producing this type of product, so it is possible to find unique patterns on the market. Some people are afraid to drink tap water, and in many countries, it’s even not recommended.  A filter bottle guarantees access to safe water wherever you travel!

Solar charger

A slightly different solution, which allows you to charge batteries and phones. Many things have been said about the efficiency of these devices, but one thing is sure – solar cells have made a lot of progress and you can rely on them nowadays!

cargador solar de movil

Portable lamp

If you are planning a camping trip, you may want to buy a small lamp that can be hung somewhere. Their light may not be the strongest, but it’s scattered and evenly illuminates the area. Smaller models are cool for tents, bigger ones can be hanged even on a tree.


As for the tent, it’s better to do a good interview before you buy it! This is really the best gift for a traveler, a good tent is the basis of every journey! If you’ve traveled a lot, you surely know your preferences and expectations, which doesn’t mean someone else expects the same! The tent should be lightweight, easy to set up and durable. For other details ask the person you want to bestow!


Aeropress is the best gift for a traveler, and also the coffee lover! There is nothing better than aromatic, hot coffee for breakfast in the tent. Aeropress also allows you to make cold brew! Recently a new version of this product has been created – especially for travel lovers! Add a pack of coffee to it and the gift is ready! Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Travel entertainment

Entertainment during the journey is extremely important, especially when someone travels alone (we wrote about it here). It can always happen that you get stuck in some place, cause something will break down, or the transport will not arrive. Besides, after a whole day of travel, it is worth to just lie down, rest and forget about the whole world. In this case, the best gift for the traveler are all the small, handy things that will help to relax!


We don’t think that Kindle needs an introduction! A wonderful device – the best gift for a traveler who loves books and is not able to part with them! After all, no one takes a few paper books on a journey – especially when they have a medium-size backpack. Additionally, you can buy several ebooks – travel guides, the latest adventure books or New York Times bestsellers! We are sure it will be a great gift!

Wireless speaker

Do you want to watch a movie together, listen to music, throw a party with new friends? A speaker will be the perfect solution! It’s important to be waterproof and compact! It will also be useful for everyday use, so that’s the reason why this is one of the best gifts for travelers!

Mini magnetic games

I think everybody loves board games, right? These travel games are mainly for children, but hey, who said adults can’t play? They are an ideal gift for traveling couples or friends! How little and how much happiness it can give!

Something for the memories collectors!

Most of the travelers collect souvenirs from their travels. We should think about how to help them save their memories! These gift options are for those who like to think back on their journey and memorize all the adventures that have happened.  Here are the best gifts for the travelers who are still with their heads in the clouds:


Such a world map is the best gift for a traveler! Very universal, whether it is a gift for your sister, friend or a traveling uncle. It will look great on every wall. All countries are covered with a special gold scratchable foil. When you will come back from some country – just scratch it on the map.

Instax or GoPro

Now something for the film and video lovers. Instax is just a polaroid camera! That’s a camera that prints out the pictures you just took. A great toy and a very nice gadget for the road! If you send letters or postcards, you can just add it to the envelope!

The second option is a GoPro – sports camera for demanding videos. Besides, it can be upgraded with various accessories!  You can mount it on your car, your head, your cat or even swim with it! You will create really cool souvenirs… and memories are of course the best gift for a traveler!

Moleskine travel journal

Such a journal is very elegant and very high quality! It won’t work for everyone, it’s rather for someone who takes a romantic approach to travel and likes to write down some thoughts. Maybe for someone who has a blog or plans to write a book? 

SD card 

The memory card is a small but very practical gift! It is worth buying one with more storage capacity so that you can take countless amount of pictures! Who would like to worry about saving pictures on disk while traveling, right?

Cork globe

This is a gift somewhat similar to the map mentioned earlier. Everyone may not like it, but in our opinion, it looks amazing! On this globe, you can mark exactly where you were, or even plan your next big trip. Cork also allows you to attach photos there! What do you think about it? Is it the best gift for a traveler?

We hope this guide was helpful. There are many options on the market which you could buy. Thermal underwear, warm woolen socks, trekking sticks, climbing gloves, tourist dishes or a hammock… but actually you know this person best, don’t you? Advanced travelers probably have a lot of these things, so it’s best to ask before you spend a lot of money. If you really don’t know what to buy, then gift cards are the best gift idea for a traveler! Many companies now have it in the offer – airlines, hotels, stationary and online shops! We’re sure you’ll come up with something awesome! Good luck!

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