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Are you planning a demanding journey where you will travel with your backpack the whole way? Only a few omissions are enough to turn a trekking trip into a dangerous and difficult experience. Packing is a challenge, even experienced travelers before some tough trip ask themselves how to pack backpack for trekking, and not lose their minds! However, practice makes perfect – we already have some travel behind, so we prepared a few tips that will help you gently and calmly go through this process. 

How to pack ?

The most important thing about packing your things is weight distribution. Usually, it is said that the heaviest things should be at the bottom of the backpack. However, with a big backpack, such a weight distribution will cause spinal pain – we are sure that you will want to finish your trip very quickly. So how to pack backpack for trekking

First of all, at the bottom of your pack, there should be some light but spacious things, such as a sleeping bag or a warm hoodie. After that, it is best to pack spare clothes and underwear. In the middle of the backpack, you should reserve some space for heavy items, e.g. shoes, food or a tourist cooker. This is precisely where the center of gravity of the backpack should be, to make your journey comfortable. At the top of your backpack, store items that should be easily reachable, e.g.: raincoat, water bottle, some sandwiches, first aid kit. In the side-pockets, put all the small items such as glasses, matches, and documents. On the outside of the backpack, attach equipment such as trekking sticks or tent to a special holder or strap – remember to distribute the weight. Sleeping bag and tent fill most of the space in your backpack, so make sure that they are as small as possible or just share equipment with your friends.

Moreover, you should remember to treat your backpack like a wardrobe where everything has a place and where you are keeping order. In a well-organized backpack, you can easily find everything and pack it with no problem. For packing, you should use some colorful plastic bags in which you sort things out – diced clothes, sleeping bags, food, towels, underwear, everything can be in a separate bag! It also protects your things from getting wet. It’s worth taking a few extras to put your dirty clothes in, turn them into a garbage can or pack your wet shoes.

Essential things to pack

walking with trekking boots


Everything depends on the weather! However, there is no point in exaggerating your clothes. A trekking trip is not a fashion show, clothes should be comfy and practical. First of all, you have to remember about warm socks, which protect you from abrasions. Thing, which definitely cannot be forgotten during the winter, is underwear or a thermoactive suit. It will protect you from heat loss, as well as remove its excess and sweat. Don’t forget to put in your backpack some UV sunglasses! The weather in the mountains changes quite quickly, the sunglasses protect you not only from the sun but also from the wind! Don’t overdo with the rest of your clothes. Take the absolute minimum!


If you are not used to walking a mountain trail with a backpack on your shoulders – the most important thing will be footwear that will stabilize your ankles! Pay special attention to it! It’s also worth to take a second pair of shoes for a change. For example – during the warmer season, sandals are a good choice! You can always take a shower in them or go into the river to cross it.

Health care and hygiene

When it comes to cosmetics – follow the rule the fewer the better! Take with you only universal cosmetics which have several functions or choose miniatures of a few your favourite cosmetics. Liquids are quite weighty, it is not worth exaggerating. The best way is to pack everything into one handy cosmetic bag. Also, you cannot forget about the first aid kit – you never know when it will be useful. After buying it, it is worth reviewing its contents and supplementing it with missing elements. Don’t forget to pack your regular medications with you!


We know, that you are going on a mountain hike to separate yourself from the world, but a mobile phone is extremely important. It can be useful when you have to call for help, it is worth to install maps which are working offline, for example from You should also take with you a durable power bank or a solar charger. Moreover, if you have to or want to bring a larger equipment like a camera, remember to protect it from rain, be sure to take a special, waterproof case!

Packaging is the art of making decisions: What is necessary? What can I use but not overload my backpack? What should I take just in case? How can I reduce the weight and size of my equipment? We hope that our short guide has dispelled your doubts and will help you before your journey! Let us know how you pack and share your best packing tips and methods!

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