The independent traveller who wants to explore away

You love to travel,

But not like everyone else. You don't want an itinerary set up and organized by an agency, because you own your trips. You like to plan your next adventures and have things your own way. You want your trip to be a unique and unparalleled experience from the very first minute.

Maybe you want to visit exotic places that are not in your home country. Perhaps you are someone who likes to choose which locations to visit or who wonders about the stories behind each attraction and the people who live there.

But you are looking for something else. You want to discover and get to know a place, its people and your own self.

We want you to travel around the world the way you like it best, in your own way. From Ushuaia to Finisterre, we have something for you.

A little bit more about us

Our journey started with a flight for two to Latin America without a return ticket. We ventured through the Peruvian jungle, and reached the cold glaciers of Patagonia. We fell in love with the culture, the gastronomy and the incredible landscapes of each place and its people.

On the way, we met many travelers. Some fell into famous tourist traps, and ended up paying inflated prices for tours that were not worth it.

The long distances, often misinforming websites and language barrier made it very difficult to plan a trip from home.

Until one day; it was time for us to go home, but we had an idea that we couldn't forget.

What if there was a middle ground that offered what we had needed?

A place where every traveler could choose his own adventure, without having to follow an itinerary marked by a standard vacation package. Where you could truly be a traveler and not a tourist. With the security of booking a quality excursion (or experience as we like to call it) from home, at a fair price and without falling into tourist deception.

With a dream in the backpack, and an exciting adventure ahead, Howlanders was born.

Now, this dream that began in Latin America, extends its adventure to other regions. Because at Howlanders we have helped thousands of travelers to travel to Latin America, and now we feel it is our time to show them our home, Europe, too.

We make it easy for you, independent travelers, to keep exploring, and little by little get to know the whole world with us.

Explore away!

Why book with us?
The best quality/price ratio
We have a catalogue selected by us working directly with local operators. All our tours are chosen to offer the best quality and price, because we keep an eye on our wallet as travelers, but especially care about the upcoming adventures and experiences.
Contribute to local development
We are very happy and proud to collaborate with small local operators. With your visit, you will help the local economy grow.
Specialists in nature and adventure
Mountain lovers and Latin America specialists from the very beginning, we are now launching ourselves worldwide in order to offer all travelers a perfect experience.
Live unique experiences
Each of our tours is carefully planned and chosen based on our own experience and the recommendations of expert travelers.
Free advice and travel assistance
We will help you organize your trip and give you the best advice to make it an unforgettable memory. In addition, you will have a 24/7 traveler's helpline available to solve any problem you may have during your trip.
Travel without worries
Our travellers tell us about their experiences on our website, TripAdvisor, Google or TrustPilot. This way we have feedback from hundreds of travellers who have experienced one of our trips. This is the only way we can assure you that your experience will be incredible with us.