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Live the adventure of a lifetime with the Iquitos tours in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest

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Iquitos tours in Peru

Iquitos is the largest city that is not accessible by road. Curious, isn't it? It is also the gateway to the impressive Iquitos Jungle, the Peruvian Amazon. 

There are many points that you can discover in this city, but the most amazing place to visit, without any doubt, it’s the Iquitos Jungle.

At Howlanders we offer Iquitos tours to discover the reality of the jungle together with native communities. An experience that you should definitely live at least once in your life.

Iquitos jungle trip

If you are an adventurous traveler and you love nature, the Iquitos Jungle Tour is an experience you will always remember. It is a wild and untouched place where you can experience a different way of life. Swimming with pink dolphins, sleeping to the sound of wild birds in an Iquitos lodge, or the breathtaking play of light at every sunset, are some of the things we remember most from our Iquitos jungle trip.

With Iquitos tours in Peru, you connect with the world in a way that only those who experience it know what it means.

Iquitos weather

In this area of the Amazon jungle, there is rainfall all year round, but there are two different seasons. From June to October is the dry season and the average temperature is 86ºF. 

The good thing about going during this period is that as the river flow drops, some of the paths are uncovered and you can walk along them. And there aren't as many mosquitoes, which also makes the experience a lot easier. (Even so, don't forget your mosquito repellent!).

The rainy season in Iquitos runs from December to May, where the temperature is practically the same, but the rains are almost daily. Rivers are more plentiful, offering the possibility of some impressive canoe trips on the Amazon.

There is no one good season for any of the Iquitos tours, as each has its advantages.