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Iquitos Jungle Trip

Discover the Amazon living with a native community

44 Reviews
  • Close-up of canoe on the Amazon River above the jungle of Iquitos
  • Tourist and guide navigating the Amazon River in Iquitos Peru with the trees in the background.
  • Tour guide seated in one of the boats used for the iquitos tours
  • Guide showing on camera one of the piranhas caught in iquitos jungle
  • Two canoe travellers show the camera a Howlanders logo flag on the Iquitos jungle tour.
  • A pink dolphin pokes its head out of the Amazon River and gives a smile to the camera on the iquitos peru tour.
  • Giant water lilies on the Amazon River with the Howlanders flag on one of them.
  • Adventurer sitting at the dining room table at the iquitos jungle lodge tour
  • Cook working in the kitchen of the private lodge for Iquitos jungle tour
  • Bed with mosquito net in the private room of the Iquitos Jungle lodge
  • Bed in the room of the lodge in the jungle of Iquitos
  • Winding path through the vegetation of the Iquitos rainforest
  • Sloth climbing one of the branches of one of the trees in the Peruvian Amazon jungle in Iquitos.
  • A monkey on a branch holding a fruit he is eating on the tour in the Iquitos jungle.
  • Orange capuchin monkey resting on a branch on Monkey Island Iquitos tour
  • Baby monkey on his mother's back at the monkey island in the jungle of iquitos tour
  • Boat trip on the Amazon at sunrise in the jungle of iquitos
  • Man navigates a canoe at night across the Amazon River in the jungle of Iquitos.
  • Very small yellow nocturnal frog on a leaf in iquitos tour