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Tours in Puerto Natales

Best Puerto Natales tours to discover the Chilean Patagonia and explore Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales
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Puerto Natales tours

Puerto Natales is the closest city to Torres del Paine National Park and therefore one of the most visited destinations in Chilean Patagonia. It is known as the gateway to Torres del Paine and sometimes a dormitory town. In addition, there are many Puerto Natales tours from one day to several days and activities that you can do in the same city.

Travelers' favorite Puerto Natales tours

Puerto Natales is one of the most visited cities in Patagonia, being the starting point for many activities, both single and multi-day.

Without a doubt, the most requested tour in Puerto Natales is the Torres del Paine W Trek, inside the National Park. The route consists of several days throughout the park and is an amazing experience for any nature lover.

Also, the Torres del Paine O Circuit is another tour that our travelers love. It is another of the routes through the park but has a longer duration. 

Puerto Natales Airport

If you are thinking about how to get to Puerto Natales, the fastest and most comfortable way is by plane ✈. There are no direct flights to this city (because there is no airport), so if you are traveling from abroad you will have to fly first to Santiago de Chile and then to Punta Arenas. From here to Puerto Natales buses leave throughout the day and the trip takes 3 hours 🚌.

If you decide to travel by car, the roads are in very good condition so you won't have any kind of problem, but logically the trip will be longer.

Eating in Puerto Natales

The first thing we recommend is to ask in the restaurants how big the plates are. The food is very abundant in Puerto Natales and with only one plate, you can eat two people.

Do not forget to try the typical Magellanic lamb, centollo (spider crab), or guanaco. A real delight.

Weather in Puerto Natales

It is located in Patagonia, therefore, it is a cold place ❄ . Summers (December-March) are fresh with an average temperature of 57,2 ºF (14 ºC) and winters (June-September) are cold with less than 44,6ºF (7ºC).

It is usually cloudy throughout the year, but except for the winter when the weather is more regular, the rest of the year can change. So be ready to go from rain to sunshine in a matter of minutes on any of the Puerto Natales tours.