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Climb volcanoes and travel through amazing landscapes with our Ecuador tours

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Tours in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country that touches the sky. It has so many volcanoes that for trekking and adventure lovers, it is an exciting country. In addition, one of the tours in Ecuador that our travelers enjoy the most is around the famous and amazing Galapagos Islands. Do you know how many activities can be done in this archipelago?

Activities in Ecuador that you should not miss

This country is a paradise for any type of traveler. If you like trekking, don't miss the Riobamba tours. Any route is fine, but climbing to the top of a volcano is an amazing experience for any adventurer. We recommend the Chimborazo climb. 🥰

If you want to enjoy activities in Cuenca, you can take the opportunity to visit some of the most terrific lakes in Ecuador and El Cajas National Park.

Other experiences in Ecuador that most attract attention are Cuyabeno adventures, a wildlife production reserve that will immerse you in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Of course, reserve a few days of your trip to Ecuador to experience Galapagos tours. This archipelago is amazing. Here you will find animals that do not live in other places in the world, crystal clear waters where you can snorkel or kayak, and a place on the planet where you can get lost and find yourself 👌. 

Important information for any of our tours in Ecuador

Ecuador is located in the middle of the Earth and therefore, its weather varies greatly depending on the area. Each region has a different microclimate. For this reason, take a good look at the climate of the region before booking any of our activities in Ecuador.

This country does not have 4 defined seasons, but there are 2 seasons, one wetter and the other drier, which we could call winter and summer.

  • 🌞 Wet season or winter: from January to April approximately.

  • ☔ Dry season or summer: from May to December.

💸 The local currency in Ecuador is the US dollar and the time zone ⌚ is GMT-5 . That is, if in Spain it is 10 p.m., in Ecuador it will be 4 p.m. and if you are traveling from New York, you will not have to change the clock. In the Galapagos Islands the time zone is GMT -6, one hour less.

🥄 If you go on tours in Ecuador, take the opportunity to try typical Ecuadorian food such as locro de papa, roasted guinea pig, encocado de pescado or llapingachos.