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Torres del Paine Tours

Choose your Torres del Paine National Park hike and live an incredible experience in Patagonia

Torres del Paine Tours
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Torres del Paine Hikes

Thinking of taking a Torres del Paine hike? Torres del Paine is the most important National Park in Chile, and one of the most visited in all of Latin America.

As every traveler is different, every Torres del Paine tours have been adapted and you have many options to choose from. Everything will depend on the time of the year you go, the duration you have available, the difficulty you are looking for and the trekking experience you have, to choose one Torres del Paine hike or another.

Torres del Paine Tours

A Torres del Paine hike is a dream for adventure and hiking lovers. It is a place that combines everything we love, from amazing landscapes, to very different trails and shelters and campsites where you can meet other travelers.

If you are doubting which tour in Torres del Paine to choose, here are all the options you have:

Torres del Paine W Trek

  • The most popular route: The Torres del Paine W Trek is undoubtedly the most chosen route by travelers: perfect duration, route and difficulty 👌. It is a 5-day, 80 km self-guided trek that goes through the main obligatory stops in the park.
  • The most famous guided route: if you want to go to Torres del Paine with an expert, you can do the guided W trek.
  • In winter: if you like the risk and want to do this trek in winter, the W trek is available at this time of the year, although in this case it has to be guided because of the possible difficulties that the weather can bring ⛄.
  • Staying in a hotel: in case you don't like a camping a lot, you can live the adventure of crossing Torres del Paine with the corresponding trekking routes but sleeping in the comfort of an all-inclusive hotel.
  • The same route but in less time: it is a little harder because it concentrates the 80 km in 4 days (one day less), but if you have less time and you think you are in the right physical condition, it is a perfect idea. Besides, with this option we also offer you the possibility to sleep in a hotel or in a private camping.
  • By car 🚗: if you are thinking about a tour in Torres del Paine, think about trekking routes. The car is for those who prefer to go to the beginning of each sector on wheels and save some walking.

O Circuit Patagonia

  • The longest route: the O Circuit Patagonia is the longest of all and, together with the W Trek, is the one that our travelers like the most. It is 130 km in 8 days. It is the most complete experience because it is the Torres del Paine hike that allows you to visit the most places.

Day tours in Torres del Paine

  • A trekking route to know the essential: you can go to Torres del Paine to make a one-day route if you do not have much availability. The trekking Base Torres is 20 km of route in 8 hours that will allow you to discover the most emblematic point of the park.
  • An easy and short route: you can go to Torres del Paine without trekking. Just visiting the park is worth it, so it is not limited to hikers. If this is your case, this is your perfect option. Do you have to walk? Yes, but it is a route of just one hour in which you will visit the most important parts of Torres del Paine.

Torres del Paine Tours from Puerto Natales and El Calafate

Most of our Torres del Paine tours depart from Puerto Natales, the closest town to the park. We also have the tour option departing from El Calafate, Argentina. Don't worry about the transfer 🚌 because we also take care of getting you to and from the park so you only have to worry about enjoying this unique place in the world. If you can't decide which Torres del Paine hike take, you can contact us and we will advise you.

Ready to live the experience of a lifetime? Welcome to Torres del Paine 💙.