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Tropical forests, coffee plantations, Caribbean Sea and colonial cities. Colombia has it all. Besides knowing all the culture of the country, with our tours in Colombia you will discover the incredible Colombian nature, we assure you.

Recommended experiences in Colombia

If you are traveling to Colombia, you cannot leave without taking a Lost city trek tour. It is often compared to Machu Picchu, but Colombia's Lost City is much less known, less visited, and no less amazing. 

This trek departs from the oldest city in South America, Santa Marta. Other tours in Santa Marta that you should do, are to the Punta Gallinas Island. A true paradise on the shores of the Caribbean Sea where you can enjoy the desert and crystal clear water.

Cartagena de Indias is another recommended city to visit in Colombia. A typical Colombian place full of color. Discover the Cartagena tours that we offer in Howlanders and get ready to fall in love with the country.

Information before taking any of our tours in Colombia

If you don't know when to go to Colombia, good news! Any time is good since the climate is uniform throughout the year (24ºC on average). Of course, there are drier and rainy seasons.

🌞 Dry season: December to January and July to August.

☔ Rainy season: April to May and October to November.

It is also true that it depends on the area since in places like Bogota, the capital, the temperature is around 15ºC and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it is usually less than 6ºC.

💸 The currency of Colombia is the Colombian peso. 1 € is equivalent to 5080 pesos, and 1 US$ is equivalent to 4800 pesos.

⌚ The time zone is GMT -5. If you are traveling from Germany, while at home it is 14:00, in Colombia it will be 8:00. 

🥄 Take the opportunity during your tours in Colombia to try Colombian gastronomy: arepas, empanadas, ajiaco and fried snapper are a delicacy and of course, try a good coffee.