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Tours in Tanzania

The best safari tours in Tanzania to enjoy nature in freedom

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Best safaris in Tanzania

Looking for wild experiences? This incredible African nation has endless exciting things to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. Think wild safaris, epic trails and tropical rivers teeming with wildlife - the possibilities in Tanzania are endless!

It's a land of natural wonders and home to a wide variety of unique animal species. The best way to enjoy the country in its purest form is on a private safari, allowing you to explore the country and its charm at your own pace.

What will you find with our tours in Tanzania? Safe adventure and exciting landscapes that you will remember forever.

The Big Five in Tanzania

The lion, African elephant, cheetah, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo are known as the Big Five. To be lucky enough to see these five animals in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. But even if you don't see them all, Tanzania is still an amazing country to visit.

With our safaris in Tanzania you will enjoy these animals, as dangerous as they are spectacular, but don't worry! Our guides are experts in the African savannah and know every detail to perfection to make our tours in Tanzania a safe adventure.

Best destinations in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most popular safari destinations in the world and it's easy to understand why. However, it is much more than that. It has a variety of landscapes that make this country one of the African wonders.


The Serengeti National Park is home to some of the wildest and most amazing animals on the continent. In addition, it is also home to more than 500 species of birds. Doing one of our safaris in Tanzania through the Serengeti is like being in the middle of a National Geographic documentary. Can you imagine yourself flying over it in a hot air balloon?💚


On the other hand, the Ngorongoro Crater is a huge crater of a volcano that exploded millions of years ago. Today, it is a national park and one of the best places to enjoy Africa's wildlife. It is one of the most visited destinations in the whole continent, as it is a refuge for many species surrounded by a rock wall.


If you are looking to combine safaris in Tanzania with a few days of relax on your African vacation, you will surely think of Zanzibar. That archipelago 80 kilometers from the country to which it belongs, with crystal-clear waters and white sand that make it an African paradise. Many adventurous travelers choose it to spend their honeymoon, and no wonder.

Whether you get married or not, Tanzania awaits you with endless adventures to live. We are already in love with this country, its nature and wildlife. Are you ready for the adventure? 🌎💚✈