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Tours in Chile

Chile is a country with an impressive geographical diversity thanks to its 4,200 kilometers long. Do you know the variety of tours in Chile that you can do? From glaciers to geysers to natural parks. In addition, it is one of the best places in the world to see the stars and also has the farthest inhabited islands from the coast.

Destinations in Chile that you should visit

There are many places in Chile to discover in its vast territory, but there are some that you cannot miss in your adventure. 

Be sure to visit Easter Island, the farthest inhabited island from the coast. Here you will find the famous moais 🗿 that hold mysteries still unsolved. We also recommend you to discover the tours in Puerto Natales, the port city from where all tours to Torres del Paine depart.

In addition, you will live many experiences in Chile with the number of tours from San Pedro de Atacama that you can do. Have you heard about Death Valley? And the Rainbow Valley? You can also visit the famous Tatio geysers and relax in the hot springs of Puritama at a high temperature due to its contact with volcanic materials.

Tours in Chile with Howlanders

If you are a nature and adventure lover, you are in the right place. At Howlanders you will find tours in Chile for all types of travelers:

  • Trekking routes in Chile: grab your poles, Chilean Patagonia is waiting for you! The most important natural park in South America is here: Torres del Paine National Park. You will enjoy the famous W Trek and the O Circuit that characterize this park.

  • Kayaking: can you imagine kayaking on a glacier lake? Cross impressive ice sheets while enjoying a unique landscape in the world.

  • Chile's glaciers: listening to the cracking of the ice is an amazing experience and one of the activities in Chile that will catch your attention.

  • Astronomical tours: Chile is one of the best places in the world to see the stars. If you are a fan of stargazing you will be impressed by the sky from San Pedro de Atacama.

Facts you should consider before taking a tour in Chile

The seasons of the year in Chile are distributed as follows:

  • Spring 🌸: September 23 - December 21

  • Summer 🌞: December 21 - March 20

  • Autumn 🍁: March 20 - June 21

  • Winter ⛄: June 21 - September 23

It is a very long country, so the seasons are not the same in the north as in the south. The 🌞 north is drier and hotter while in the south the climate is colder and wetter ⛄. Easter Island is the only place in Chile with a tropical climate and the temperature does not change much throughout the year (71,6 ºF annual average).

💸 The local currency is the Chilean peso. 1 euro (€) is equivalent to 875 Chilean pesos whereas 1 US dollar ($) is 727 pesos.

⌚ The time zone is GMT -3. That is, if you travel from European countries such as Spain or Germany, while it will be 5 p.m. there, in Chile it will be 1 p.m. However, if you travel through Chile and go to Easter Island, there it will be 11 a.m. because the time zone is GMT -5.

🥄 If you want to try typical Chilean food, we recommend empanadas de pino, chorrillana, caldillo de Congrio in the north, and curanto in the south.