venus in the starry sky of San Pedro de Atacama
professional telescope of the astronomical tour
family strolling through the valley of the moon
friends posing with the valley of the moon in the background
red stones
group in front of the lagoon of the tour piedras rojas
person at the steam columns
geyser tatio
cejar lagoon
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4 Day Atacama Desert Tour

Package of 5 tours to explore the Atacama Desert in 4 days

San Pedro de Atacama
4 days
Spanish and English
Starts: From San Pedro de Atacama. The schedule may vary up to half an hour depending on the month.
Ends: To San Pedro de Atacama
Free cancellation!


The 4 Day Atacama Desert Tour is designed for those travelers who visit San Pedro de Atacama and want to enjoy the five essential excursions of the city. Get ready to take the stagazing tour and learn all about the constellations, visit the Moon Valley and its geological formations, take the tour of Piedras Rojas and get to know its reddish landscape, visit the famous Tatio Geyser and its steam columns and visit the Cejar Lagoon and bathe in its salt water.

In addition, this tour package is ideal to acclimatize to the altitude before a tour to the famous Salar de Uyuni.

Here are all the details:

Tour details


  • Excursion Astronomy Tour
  • Moon Valley Tour Excursion
  • Excursion Geyser del Tatio Tour
  • Cejar Lagoon Tour
  • Tour Piedras Rojas Excursion
  • Shared transport
  • Professional guide (Spanish-English)
  • Individual photo (Astronomical Tour)
  • Snack, juice and pisco sour (Tour Valle de la Luna and Tour Laguna Cejar)
  • Entrance fee (Moon Valley Tour)
  • Breakfast (Geyser del Tatio Tour and Piedras Rojas Tour)
  • Lunch (Tour Piedras Rojas)
  • Entrance fee Piedras Rojas and Altiplanic Lagoons (Tour Piedras Rojas)

Not included

  • Entrance to Tatio Geyser (15.000 CLP) - (Geyser del Tatio Tour)
  • Entrance to Cejar Lagoon (Cejar Lagoon Tour)
  • Entrance to Tebenquinche Lagoon (Tour Laguna Cejar)
  • Entrance Chaxa (Tour Piedras Rojas)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Important information

The itinerary of this package is indicative and the order of the tours may vary. Once your reservation is confirmed you will be informed which days each tour will take place.

Keep in mind that during the early hours of the morning the weather is very cold, so we recommend that you bring all the warm clothes you consider necessary.

For the Cejar Lagoon tour, please note that during the months of October to March the departure is at 3:30 PM and during the months of April to September the departure is at 3:00 PM.

The Piedras Rojas tour is for ages 8 and up.

During full moon days the astronomical tour does not take place. That is why we changed this tour for the Rainbow Valley tour.

Cancellation policy

Free cancellation! If you cancel at least 48 hours before the tour starts, you will receive 100% of the amount paid. After this time, or in case of no-show, no refunds will be given.

Tour itinerary

DAY 1 Atacama Desert Stargazing Tour

📍 Start of the tour: San Pedro de Atacama office (first shift) and lodging (second shift)

🚐 End of tour: at your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama

🕗 Time: 7:50 P.M. or 10:00 P.M.

⌛ Duration: 2.5 hours

Atacama Desert Stargazing Tour

The guide will pick you up at your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama. With this stargazing tour you will learn all about the universe, the galaxies, the solar system and the constellations, discovering one of the best night skies in the world! The guide will give you the corresponding explanations while you observe the objects of interest through the professional telescope. In addition, there will be a photo session with the stars. You will be back 2 hours and a half later.

three boys observing the starry sky

DAY 2 Moon Valley tour Atacama

📍 Start of tour: San Pedro de Atacama office

🚐 End of tour: at your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama

🕗 Time: 3:30 P.M.

⌛ Duration: 5 hours

Moon Valley tour Atacama

On the Moon Valley tour, the meeting point will be at the San Pedro de Atacama office. On this day, you will learn all about this unique landscape where you will visit the Duna Mayor, Mina Victoria and Tres Marías. In the late afternoon, you will approach the Ckari Viewpoint where you will observe one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world over the great Cordillera de la Sal.

valley of the moon

DAY 3 Piedras Rojas Tour Atacama

📍 Start of the tour: from your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama

🚐 End of tour: at the municipal parking lot of San Pedro de Atacama

🕗 Time: 6:00 a.m.

⌛ Duration: 12 hours

Piedras Rojas Tour Atacama

The guide will pick you up at your accommodation at 6 am. On the Piedras Rojas tour you will discover the characteristic reddish landscape surrounded by lagoons in the middle of the Chilean altiplano. You will also visit the Salar de Atacama and its lakes located at more than 4.00 m.a.s.l. You will also visit the famous Tropic of Capricorn and the altiplanic lagoons Miscanti and Miñiques. You will be back in San Pedro de Atacama around 6:00 pm.

girl sitting taking pictures of the reddish stones

DAY 4 Geysers del Tatio tour and Cejar Lagoon Atacama Tour

Geysers del Tatio tour

📍 Start of the tour: from your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama

🚐 End of tour: downtown San Pedro de Atacama

🕗 Time: 5:00 a.m.

⌛ Duration: 7 hours

Cejar Lagoon Atacama Tour

📍 Tour start: from San Pedro de Atacama office

🚐 End of tour: at the municipal parking lot of San Pedro de Atacama

🕗 Time: 2:20 PM

⌛ Duration: 5 hours

Geysers del Tatio tour

Today we have to get up early! At 4:30 a.m. the guide will pick you up at your accommodation, but don't worry, as a reward you will see one of the most impressive sunrises. Today you will visit the mythical geothermal field Geyser del Tatio.

After breakfast with your group, you will visit the last stop before returning to San Pedro de Atacama: Vado de Putana. Here you will be able to observe hundreds of pink flamingos and Andean camelids. You will be back at 12:30 noon.

steam columns geyser tatio

Cejar Lagoon Atacama Tour

In the afternoon, you will head to the Salar de Atacama and enjoy some spectacular lagoons. You will visit the Cejar Lagoon, where they say the water is saltier than the Dead Sea, and also the Laguna Piedra, where you will experience a bath with a floating effect.

 Later you will visit the Ojos del Salar and the Tebenquiche Lagoon, where you will appreciate how the sky merges with the whiteness of the salt desert. You will be back in San Pedro de Atacama around 7:00 pm and put an end to this 4 Day Atacama Desert Tour.

Cejar Lagoon

What to bring to 4 Day Atacama Desert Tour

  • Trekking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable and warm clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Small backpack
  • Towel (Cejar Lagoon Tour)
  • Swimsuit (Tour Laguna Cejar)

Where does the tour 4 Day Atacama Desert Tour start

The tour starts in San Pedro de Atacama and most travelers arrive from 3 zones:

  •  From Santiago de Chile: the best option is to fly directly to Calama. Upon arrival you can take a transfer that will take you to San Pedro de Atacama. We recommend the company Transfer Pampa for being the most reliable.
  • From Peru: most probably you will arrive directly from Cuzco or Arequipa. In this case we recommend you to take a bus that crosses the Arica-Tacna border and then takes you to San Pedro de Atacama, although it is a somewhat complex combination, since it is necessary to combine several buses.
  • From Salta (Argentina): there is a direct bus that takes approximately 11 hours.

Questions & Answers

  • The stargazing tour is cancelled due to bad weather?

    The tour may be cancelled due to weather conditions, such as cloud cover.
  • Does the stargazing tour operate every day?

    No, the tour will not be available during the full moon period, as it prevents a good view of the stars.
  • Is the climate in Geyseres del Tatio really very cold?

    Yes, both in winter and summer the weather during the early morning hours is very cold. We advise you to bring all the necessary warm clothes, if you don't need them you can leave them in the minibus, so don't worry if you think it is too much.
  • What is the maximum altitude reached on the Piedras Rojas Tour?

    The maximum altitude you will reach is 4200 m. For a good acclimatization, we recommend eating light meals and drinking plenty of water the days before the excursion.
  • Can I swim in the lagoons visited during the Piedras Rojas Tour?

    No, the lagoons visited during the tour are not suitable for swimming.

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