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Tours in Spain

Best Spain tours for true adventurers and lovers of sun, sea and nature

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Tours in Spain

Spain is a multicultural country with a great variety of contrasts. Crystal clear water beaches, natural parks, mountains, deserts, and lots of nature. Maybe that's why it is one of the most visited countries in the world. Do you want to know more about our tours in Spain?

What kind of Tours in Spain will you find at Howlanders?

At Howlanders we have activities in Spain spread all over the country and for all types of travelers. It is impossible to discover every place in a single trip, so it is best that you choose what kind of tours in Spain you want to enjoy and what area and culture you would like to discover.

If you like the sea, Spain has endless beaches and many options for water activities such as rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle surfing. If you decide to opt for tours in Majorca, you will see that the beaches of this island have nothing to envy the Caribbean Sea. A diving baptism in Mallorca can be one of the best experiences in the Balearic archipelago.

Mountain is your thing? From Madrid to Galicia or the Canary Islands. Trekking in Spain is one of the most popular activities due to the diversity of natural landscapes. We recommend our tours in La Palma where you can walk through enchanted forests or volcanoes or any route through the Picos de Europa.

Tips for making the most of a tour in Spain

  • The climate in Spain 🌞 varies greatly depending on the area. In the north, the climate is colder and wetter while in the Mediterranean, it is drier and warmer. The Canary Islands, on the other hand, have an average temperature of 75 ºF all year round.

  • The currency in Spain is the Euro 💸.

  • Spanish gastronomy 🍴 offers an enormous variety due to multiculturalism. Therefore, in each region, you will be able to taste different typical dishes of the area. No, there is no paella everywhere. It is the country with the most bars and restaurants per person in the world, so don't leave without trying the tapas.

  • Local time 🕢 is GMT +1 except in the Canary Islands, where it is one hour less.

  • Stores tend to close at siesta time, (midday and early afternoon) especially in times of high temperatures.

  • In Spain people usually eat much later than in the rest of the world, having lunch at 2:30 p.m. and dinner at 10:30 p.m. (keep this in mind in restaurants) and have 5 meals a day. Be prepared for a good mid-morning lunch or merienda (mid-afternoon).

  • There are many popular festivals, so try to coordinate your trip to Spain with one of them. Living an adventurous experience in nature together with a good Spanish party is a unique experience.

  • The official language is Spanish, but there are three unofficial languages which are Catalan (in Catalonia), Galician (in Galicia), and Basque (in the Basque Country and Navarre). Don't worry, in these regions, everyone speaks Spanish.