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Climb the volcanoes of Ecuador with Riobamba tours

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Riobamba tours

Riobamba is a city between volcanoes. Full of history and tradition, it shows an incredible landscape from any point of its streets. Located at the foot of Chimborazo, Riobamba is the perfect starting point to climb the Ecuadorian peaks. 

For this reason, and because we know that you are looking for adventure, Howlanders offers Riobamba tours to climb volcanoes adapted to all levels.

Volcanoes of Ecuador

In Ecuador, there are 98 volcanoes, of which 31 are active. Maybe now it will seem few if we tell you that Riobamba is surrounded by 4 of them, but what a 4!

The Chimborazo volcano is the closest point on Earth to the sun, surpassing even Everest itself. Do you dare to climb to the top? Don't miss the Chimborazo climb

Of course, prepare your poles and shoes, because it is not a trek for everyone. If you have never made an ascent of this caliber, you can practice by first climbing other volcanoes of lower altitude with our tours in Riobamba.

The highest altitude volcano in Ecuador is Chimborazo, at more than 6300 meters above sea level, followed by Cotopaxi at almost 5900 meters, Cayambe (5790 meters above sea level), and Antisana (5753 meters above sea level).

Among our tours in Riobamba, you will also find the ascent to the Carihuairazo volcano, at 5018 meters above sea level, perfect for you to practice.

Weather in Riobamba Ecuador

In Riobamba, summers (December to March) are mild and cloudy and winters (June to September) are cold and rainy. The temperature varies from 46,4 - 66,2 ºF (8 to 19 ºC)  and rarely rises above 71,6ºF (22ºC)  or drops below 41ºF (5ºC).

If you want to take any of our Riobamba tours, you can do it all year round. If you want to be more specific and if you are going to do the Chimborazo trekking, for example, the best time is from November to February and from May to July. Between March and April is not recommended because the rains and snow can make the activity quite difficult.