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Iquitos Jungle Tour in group

Explore the heart of the Peruvian Amazon in a small group

4 days

What to bring

Iquitos Jungle Tour in group tour information

timer 4 days
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At 9:00 a.m. at the airport or your accommodation in Iquitos


At 4:00 p.m. in Iquitos


  • Transfer from the airport or accommodation in Iquitos to the lodge (round trip)
  • Guide during the tour
  • Accommodation: cabin with bathroom and private terrace with hammock facing the river or the jungle
  • Food

Not included

  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages (can be purchased before boarding)

error_outlineImportant information

The order of the visits could be altered, but it will not affect the content of the program. The schedules of the tickets and transports could be subject to modifications.
This activity includes the appropriate protection measures to ensure your safety. In addition, our excursions are outdoor and in small groups to reduce the risk of contagion. Remember to follow the instructions of the staff during the development of the excursion.

restoreCancellation policy

Free cancellation! You can cancel this tour and you'll receive 100% refund of the amount paid if you cancel more than 15 days in advance. After this time, or in case you do not show up, no refunds will be given.

4 days in Iquitos and you will discover the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Lodging in an idyllic location on the Yanayacu River we observe the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Do you want to know what awaits you during these days? Read on:

Tour itinerary

todayDAY 1 Transfer to the lodge - Monkey watching - Sunset - Night tour

access_time9 : 00 AM
Pickup in Iquitos

The tour starts around 9:00 a.m. with pick up at the airport or at your accommodation in the city of Iquitos. Once the group is met, we will take the boat at 9:30 a.m. and you will start a 3-hour trip across the Yanayacu River to the lodge located in the Iquitos Jungle. You will arrive to enjoy a delicious buffet-style meal and have energy for the afternoon. And now the adventure begins!

Discovering the Amazon

We will start with a walk around the lodge, to see the wide variety of flora in the area. After the walk, you will go in search of the Lion Monkey, one of the smallest primates in the world and that is in danger of extinction. This primate lives on the banks of the rivers, lakes and streams of the Amazon. Set up your camera,it may be moving towards us!

Sunset on the lagoon

The sun begins to set, one of the most magical moments of the day is upon us. We take a second to break and disconnect, enjoying the sunset on the lagoon. We will return to the lodge, to enjoy our first dinner in the jungle. What will our chef have prepared for us today?

Night walk in the Iquitos jungle

After regaining strength, we will start again with a night tour on the Yanayacu River to see caimans and nocturnal animals. And after an intense day, it is time to return to the lodge to rest.


todayDAY 2 Sapote Lagoon - Moena Lagoon - Piranha fishing - Bird watching

Sapote Lagoon - Moena Lagoon

After having a tasty buffet breakfast, you will board the boat to visit the Sapote Lagoon, where you will see various types of birds and also the Moena Lagoon, where sloths and monkeys live. The three-toed sloth is a slow, but very agile animal. As far as legend goes these adorable mammals sleep for 15 to 20 hours, but in fact they sleep about 10 hours a day. Not bad either, right?

Piranha fishing

We will return to the lodge for lunch, and then take the boat again. This time, in the direction of the Corriente and Purura Lagoons where you will go piranha fishing. Your guide will explain how to do this and give you the best advice. Once you catch the piranha, you can either release it or take the larger one to the lodge for the cook to prepare it for dinner. Will you dare to try it?

Bird watching - Night walk in the rainforest

Later, you will observe prehistoric birds, such as the hoatzin, which you can only see in the Amazon rainforest. You will return to the lodge for dinner, and with a full stomach you will start the night walk in search of tarantulas and large frogs.Open your eyes wide! Once the activity is over, you will return to the lodge to rest. A great day awaits you tomorrow!


todayDAY 3 Swimming with pink and grey dolphins - Iguana watching - Jorge Caño - San Juan de Yanayacu Village

Swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon

After breakfast, you will take a boat ride on the Amazon River to an area where pink and grey dolphins live, where you can swim near them. The Amazon pink dolphin comes out of the water every few minutes to breathe by squirting water through its dorsal orifice, did you know that it can reach up to two meters in height?

Victoria Regia - Sighting of iguanas

You will also see the largest water flower in the world, the Victoria Regia, known as the giant water lily. Its leaves can grow up to 3 meters, in some cases holding up to 30 kilograms. And before you stop to eat, you still have one more surprise left! Put all your senses on alert, we're going in search of iguanas.

San Juan de Yanayacu

You will return to the boat after lunch to look for the howler monkey by Jorge Caño and later visit the village of San Juan de Yanayacu. In Quechua etymology Yana means black and Yacu means water, therefore the name of this small town: San Juan de Agua Negra. It is the color that the river takes through which it is accessed.

Night canoe trip in the Amazon

After this intense day, you will have dinner at the lodge, and with your batteries recharged, you will set off on your last night excursion into the jungle, this time in a canoe! You will appreciate the sounds of the jungle in the darkness of the night from inside the river. After enjoying this unusual experience, you will return to the lodge to rest.


todayDAY 4 Casha Lagoon - Return to Iquitos

Casha Lagoon

Last day in the jungle! To finish this experience, you will visit the Laguna Casha. It is a little difficult to access this lake and depending on the level of the river, we will walk or row, your guide will give you all the necessary advice. Once there, you will enjoy the various species of birds and monkeys. An image that will undoubtedly remain in your memory forever.

Return to Iquitos

After having this last contact with the heart of the Amazon jungle, you will return to the lodge to enjoy the last meal and prepare for the return to Iquitos. We will take the boat again, and you will arrive in the city around 4:00 p.m. thus ending your adventure in the jungle.


What to bring to Iquitos Jungle Tour in group

The climate in the jungle is very humid and hot, so we recommend that you bring your own:
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Fresh long-sleeved clothing (to avoid bites)
  • Flashlight
  • Comfortable shoes (for the walks in the jungle they will leave you special rubber boots)
  • Swimwear
  • Raincoat or waterproof poncho
  • Small backpack for excursions

Where does the tour Iquitos Jungle Tour in group start

The most comfortable and safe way to reach Iquitos is by plane, since it is not connected to the road-network of the rest of the country. The majority of travelers arrive from Lima, where several airlines operate. Latam airline, however, is the only one that offers direct flights between Cusco and Iquitos.

Questions & Answers

What if my flight arrives later than 9:30 a.m.?
If you cannot take the 9:30 a.m. boat, there is another departure available for the flight that arrives from Cusco at 10:40 a.m. After this time, it is possible to take the boat until 3:00 p.m. but it has an extra cost.

When is the best time of the year to visit the Iquitos Jungle?
Any time of the year is good to enjoy the Iquitos Amazon, but it is important to know that between the months of December to May is the rainy season.

What is the weather like?
The Amazon is hot and humid, and the climate is quite variable.

Are the cabins prepared to repel mosquitoes?
Yes, all rooms have mosquito nets. In addition, we recommend bringing a good tropical repellent and using it several times a day.

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