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Salkantay Trek Sky Lodge 5 Days

Hike the Salkantay route to Machu Picchu Picchu sleeping two nights in sky lodges

3 Reviews
  • sky lodge soraypampa salkantay trekking
  • inside the sky lodge of soraypampa camp
  • group of trekkers in the salkantay pass
  • aerial view of the camp Jungle Domes Lucmabamba
  • boy sitting at the door of the jungle dome in salkantay trek camp
  • camp Jungle Domes Lucmabamba salkantay trek
  • couple in front of the salkantay mountain in the salkantay trek sky lodge 5 day trek
  • group and guide smiling in the salkantay trek sky domes 5 days
  • andean cabins camping in chaullay
  • girl inside one of the Andean cabins at the salkantay trek camp
  • snowy salkantay mountain scenery
  • suyroqocha salkantay trek
  • group of trekkers in soraypampa during the salkantay trek sky domes
  • happy couple in salkantay trek sky domes 5 days
  • salkantay pass at 4600 meters of altitude
  • girl on her back with snow-capped salkantay mountain in the background
  • sky lodge of Soraypampa at night
  • humantay salkantay lake salkantay trek sky domes 5 days
  • boy jumping at machu picchu citadel
  • machu picchu archaeological zone and terraces
  • stairs of machu picchu access salkantay trek
  • machu picchu archeological ruins
  • machu picchu mountain huayna picchu mountain