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Enchanted Forest Hike

Go deep into the foliage of Cubo de la Galga on this day of hiking in La Palma

1 day

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Enchanted Forest Hike tour information

location_onLa Palma
timer 1 day
chat English and spanish


From the meeting point in Puntallana at 10:00 a.m.


To the meeting point in Puntallana at 5:00 p.m.


  • Mountain guide
  • Chestnut wood canes

error_outlineImportant information

The hiking route through the Enchanted Forest on La Palma is a simple walk, but it is recommended to be in good physical shape.

If you select the extra Transport from and to your accommodation on La Palma, the pick up will take place between 8:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. at the main hotels on La Palma:

Fuencaliente - Hotel Princess: 8:15 a. m.
Puerto Naos - Hotel Sol: 8:30 a.m.
Los Cancajos - Hotel Taburiente (BUS Stop): 9:30 a.m.
*If you are not staying at one of these hotels, we will indicate a nearby meeting point for pick up.
The order of the visits could be altered, but it will not affect the content of the program. The schedules of the tickets and transports could be subject to modifications.
This activity includes the appropriate protection measures to ensure your safety. In addition, our excursions are outdoor and in small groups to reduce the risk of contagion. Remember to follow the instructions of the staff during the development of the excursion.

restoreCancellation policy

Free cancellation! You will receive a 100% refund of your reservation if you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the tour. After that time, or if you don't show up, no refunds will be given.
If the pixies exist, they are probably hiding in the Enchanted Forest in La Palma. Could you imagine a better location to enjoy a hiking route?

In the northeast of the island, located in the Parque Natural de las Nieves, and belonging to the municipality of Puntallana, we find: el Cubo de la Galga. A laurel forest, which offers one of the best examples of this vegetation. There are many paths that go through this spot, and today it is your turn to discover the path that goes through the Enchanted Forest on La Palma. A guided hiking route through dense forests of laurels and giant ferns that will barely let you see the sky!

Get into one of the most exotic and luxuriant environments of the Isla Bonita and discover all its secrets from the hand of a professional mountain guide. How many times have you dreamed of travelling back in time? It will seem like it! Read on and find out the complete itinerary.

Tour itinerary

todayThe Enchanted Forest Walk La Palma

Duration: 5 hours Distance: : 6.8 miles (11km) Gradient: +1,500 / -3,100 ft (+450 / -950 m)
Pick up in La Palma If you have selected the extra Transport from and to your accommodation in La Palma, the activity will start with the pick up at your hotel. The private transport will the journey through the main hotel in La Palma at 8:15 a.m. Once the first part of the group has gathered in La Palma, we will head towards Puntallana.
minibus picking up passengers on La Palma
Meeting in Puntallana If you have not included the pick-up extra in your booking, this is where we will meet. We'll wait for you at the pharmacy. It's the only one in this area of La Palma, you'll find it right away! And now that the whole group is gathered, we start the route! Are you ready to enjoy this day of hiking on La Palma?
Puntallana meeting point
Cubo de la Galga Located in the town of Puntallana, in the Cubo de la Galga, we will find the Enchanted Forest: one of the most impressive examples of laurel forest in the Canary Islands. During the day, we will go into it enjoying this simple hiking route on the island of La Palma. The path ascends slowly from an altitude of 2,000 ft (600m) to almost 2,600 ft (800m) above sea level. Be prepared to be surrounded by the characteristic lush vegetation of the Isla Bonita.

Cubo de la Galga hike La Palma
The Enchanted Forest in La Palma Once inside the forest, we will be surrounded by prehistoric ferns that form a green carpet covering the bed of the ravine.Giant trees, belonging to the great family of the Canary Island laurel forest, which grow until they cover the sky of the Enchanted Forest. An idyllic setting in the style of the Lord of the Rings.
The Enchanted Forest hike on La Palma
The path will lead us to the highest point of the route: the Somada Alta viewpoint. This area of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park is very shady, and sometimes water flows directly from the rock, thanks to the many natural aquifers found on the island of La Palma.
Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park wetlands
Somada Alta viewing point After we reach the top, we'll make a little stop. Take a deep breath and enjoy one of the best viewpoints that La Palma has to offer: the Somada Alta viewpoint. If the day is clear you will see the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera in the background. And that's not all, open your eyes wide and see how the green mantle of vegetation extends up the slope until it loses sight on the island's summits.
Somada Alta Viewpoint Cubo de la Galga
It looks like a movie, doesn't it?

Well, there's more! Look now towards the coast, right in front of you you have the village of San Bartolo, where we will stop for lunch. Now centre your view a little more to the left, from here we can see the picturesque Canarian villages of Los Sauces and San Andrés along the coast. And with the batteries charged and the retina full of color, we start the descent of the route.
Somada Alta Viewpoint Cubo de la Galga
Descent from the Somada Alta viewing point The descent will be much easier. It runs along a forest track, where we will meet other varieties of laurel forest trees. This time, it will be the turn to greet those species that like to grow in the sunniest parts of the forest. How clever! On the way down, an infinite number of aromatic herbs - such as thyme, mint or oregano - accompany us to the entrance of the village of La Galga. A small neighborhood of Puntallana where fruits and vegetables grow in old terraces of red soil.
Cubo de la Galga descent of the route to Puntallana
San Bartolo - Lunch break We will follow the colorful houses to the village of San Bartolo, where we will stop for lunch. Put your picnic in your rucksack before you leave, and enjoy eating outdoors sitting next to their little chapel. If you prefer to have a hot meal after this trekking route in the Cubo de la Galga, lady Flora is waiting for you! Enjoy her hospitality and don't return home without tasting her wrinkled potatoes with red mojo and palmero cheese.
Chapel of San Bartolo La Palma
End of the route Enchanted Forest And after the meal, the route goes on! At this point, we have two options. The more adventurous can follow the path down the Nogales ravine. If this option doesn't convince you, don't worry! You can continue taking a relaxing walk along the coast of San Andrés and the pools of Charco Azul.Both options end up at the viewpoint on top of the black sand beach of Nogales. Undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Spain.
Hiking route in La Palma through the Enchanted Forest
Descent of the Nogales ravine This option will be the perfect opportunity to see a type of vegetation completely different from what we have seen so far in the Cubo de la Galga. The climate is so changeable that cactus and plants typical of the coastal vegetation grow at their own pace in these places.The trail goes down and up through the old coastal path GR 130 in the direction of Puntallana. At the end of the ascent we will find a huge mango plantation.
Descent of the Barranco de Nogales La Palma
We will continue a little further between banana farms - the star product of the island's economy - until we reach the viewpoint on Nogales beach, where we will meet the rest of the group.If you have selected the Transport from and to your accommodation in La Palma extra, here the minibus will be waiting for us.
Banana plantations on La Palma hiking trail El Bosque Encantado
Walk along the coast of San Andrés If we choose to end the day more peacefully, we will do so by taking a walk along the entire coast of San Andrés.From Puerto Espindola, an old port in the northeast region of the island, we will pass in front of Charco Azul until we reach San Andrés. On the way, we will discover the "poris", old docks that the locals used as the only means of transport to the capital city of Palma.
Charco Azul La Palma walk along the coast of San Andrés
Nogales beach viewpoint And finally, on top of a small hill, San Andrés will appear, a place with a lot of charm impregnated with Canarian palms. And we arrive at the Nogales beach viewpoint! And here ends our trekking route in La Palma. If you had to choose one, which of all the landscapes we have seen would you stay?
Viewpoint of Nogales beach hiking route el Cubo de la Galga

What to bring to Enchanted Forest Hike

The Canary Islands are known for having a pleasantly warm climate most of the year. For hiking routes is always advisable to wear some warm jacket and if it can protect against the rain, so much the better. We also recommend you to bring:
  • Suitable clothing for hiking
  • Sports or mountain footwear
  • Raincoat
  • Sun Protection
  • Cap
  • Food and water

Where does the tour Enchanted Forest Hike start

The Natural Park of Las Nieves is formed by the mountains of Los Sauces and Las Nieves, located in the northern part of the island of La Palma and distributed in three municipalities: San Andrés y Sauces, Santa Cruz de La Palma and Puntallana. The route through the Enchanted Forest of La Palma begins in the municipality of Puntallana. The meeting point will be the pharmacy of Puntallana. If you travel with your own vehicle, you will easily find free parking in this area.

Questions & Answers

My accommodation is in Fuencaliente at the Hotel Princess. What is my meeting point with the minibus?
If you are staying at the Hotel Teneguía Princess, we will pick you up at bus stop in front of the hotel.

My accommodation is in Puerto Naos, what is the meeting point with the minibus in this area of La Palma?
If your accommodation is in Puerto Naos, we will pick you up at bus stop of the Sol Hotel. You will find the stop on the main road, just 3 minutes walk from the hotel. Another meeting point you will have in this area will be the entrance roundabout to Puerto Naos.

My accommodation is in Los Cangajos, where will the minibus pick me up?
If you are staying in Los Cangajos, the meeting point will be the bus stop closest to the only pharmacy in this area of La Palma. It won't take you more than 5 minutes to get there on foot from your hotel! All hotels, (like Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa, Hacienda San Jorge or Las Olas among others) are within this distance from the bus stop.

My accommodation is not on the pick-up route, where will be my meeting point with the minibus?
If you are not staying in these areas of the island, or in any of the hotels, please contact us at and we will indicate you a nearby meeting point for your pick up.
Remember that to include the pick up service you have to add the extra Transport from and to your accommodation in your booking.

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