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Visit Area 51

A private tour from Las Vegas to the world’s most top secret military facility

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  • A private tour from Las Vegas to the world’s most top secret military facility
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Las Vegas
1 day
Starts: From your hotel in Las Vegas at 7:00 a.m.
Ends: To your hotel in las Vegas at 5:00 p.m.
Free cancellation!
Yes, the Area 51 exists. But is there really an alien life force in it? Find it out by yourself with this private tour!

Visit Area 51 Nevada and unveil all its mysteries with this private tour from Las Vegas. Travel through uninhabited landscapes, and witness with your own eyes this secret place. Explore the top-secret Janet Airlines at Las Vegas International Airport and cross the mysterious Dry Lake. Be surprised by the extraterrestrial petroglyphs, ride the Extraterrestrial Highway in Area 51 in a 4x4 and smile at the Men in Black (although you won't get them to smile back). And of course, don't go home without trying Little A'Le'Inn's specialty: the Alien Burger!

What would you say to the aliens if you could communicate with them? Think about your answer, during the tour you will be able to leave your letter in the Black Mailbox of Area 51. How long will it take them to read it?

Tour details


  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Las Vegas
  • Lunch at Little A'Le'Inn
  • Snaks
  • Water
  • Private transport in 4x4 SUV

Not included

  • Tour Guide Gratuities

Cancellation policy

Free cancellation! You can cancel this tour and you'll receive 100% refund of the amount paid if you cancel more than 48 hours in advance. After this time, or in case you do not show up, no refunds will be given.

Tour itinerary

Area 51 Nevada Departures: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

7 : 00 AM

Las Vegas - Top Secret Janet Airlines

The visit to Area 51 from Las Vegas will begin with a pick up at your hotel at 7:00 a.m. Don't fall asleep, we need you with your eyes wide open, we're heading to the most secret military installation in the world in our 4x4! This mysterious tour will start with a stop at Top Secret Janet Airlines. A "secret airline" that has been hidden at Las Vegas International Airport for decades. Hundreds of workers traveled daily from Janet Airlines to Area 51 Nevada.

las vegas international airport janet airlines

The Truth Is Out There

We will continue the visit to Area 51 Nevada, crossing one of the most desolate, uninhabited and incredibly picturesque deserts in the world. An amazing journey through the Joshua Tree Forest, will take us to the edge of the old Dry Lake. Here you will see unusual Indian (or alien, as you prefer) petroglyphs thousands of years old. We will also explore more closely the mysterious Dry Lake where UFO sightings often occur. Will they come down to see us during our visit to Area 51?

the truth is out there area 51 tour

Extraterrestrial Highway - Little A'le' Inn

And we keep searching for alien life. A walk along the Extraterrestrial Highway, will take us to the world famous Little A'le' Inn. A peculiar space setting inn that has hosted numerous documentaries and films such as Independence Day. No doubt the 'strange' air is in the ambience. Enjoy a delicious alien burger and get your strength up, the visit to Area 51 Nevada continues!

extraterrestrial highway little aleinn

Black Mailbox Area 51

With our stomachs full and our batteries charged, we will continue our journey in our 4x4 until we reach the Black Mailbox. A sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts where they can look at the sky at night waiting for strange apparitions. Will they come tonight? Will you leave a message for "them" inside?

black mailbox area 51

Area 51 Nevada

We will then enter the absolute perimeter of Area 51. We will cross another dry lake, where, The Men In Black will not take their eyes off us. The Area 51 guards, known as "Men in Black", with their high-powered weapons, guard this "secret place" 24 hours a day along with detection devices, listening devices and cameras mounted among the cactus. The Men in Black are, (according to some groups that believe in the extraterrestrial phenomenon), secret governmental or extra-governmental agents in charge of helping to hide an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Undoubtedly, if aliens have reached Area 51, they know it.

area 51 nevada tour from las vegas
5 : 00 PM

Return to Las Vegas

If you dare, you may greet the Men in Black from the 4×4 parked on the desert side. But don't expect them to greet you back. And with this image, we will say goodbye to our visit to Area 51 and we will return again to Las Vegas. The minibus will drop you off at your hotel at 5:00 p.m. Now we know that Area 51 Nevada does exist. But what do they really do inside?

extraterrestrial highway area 51 nevada

What to bring to Visit Area 51

  • Small backpack
  • Camera
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Protection
  • Comfortable and closed footwear
  • Alien Life Detector (only for the curious)

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