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Las Vegas is one of the most visited places in the United States. You may be thinking about shopping areas, lights and casinos🎉 , but this city is much more than that. It is the epicenter of so many activities and that's why, following our style, at Howlanders you will find Las Vegas tours for adventurers🤠.

Las Vegas excursions

As the largest city in the state of Nevada, it is surrounded by so many places to visit. We want you to live experiences in the purest American style and you can't leave the country without taking a tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon🗻.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most emblematic places in the United States and with us, you can discover it as well as the beginning of the famous Route 66.

How much do you know about the most mysterious corner of the planet? You can also visit Area 51 from Las Vegas! Find out for yourself if there are extraterrestrials.

If there is something that also characterizes this country, it is the road routes, which is why Route 66 is so famous 🏍! Imagine yourself touring the Southwest of the United States on a roadtrip. It's the perfect way to bring a whole host of experiences together in one trip: from the Wild West to the Grand Canyon to wilderness parks filled with giant sequoias.

These Las Vegas tours and many others are waiting to show you the nature of the best natural parks in the United States⛺ Get your backpack ready!

Important facts to do the tours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas time is very different not only from the European, which is far away, but also within the US states themselves. For example, if in Las Vegas it is 8am , in London is 16pm , in New York it is 11am and in São Paulo it is 12pm.

🍱If you are wondering what to eat in Las Vegas, the gastronomy is very varied. It is influenced by the typical food of different countries, so you can find the famous shrimp cocktail, the Ramen Sora, the Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza typical of Chicago and all kinds of burgers.

🌅The desert climate in Las Vegas means that it is one of the sunniest cities in the world, it is always sunny and rainfall is sporadic. You are also assured of a warm temperature all year round, but in winter it is usually mild during the day and colder at night, you will need some warm clothes to enjoy the adventure.