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San Francisco Tours

San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in California. Surely you can imagine yourself walking along its incredible bridges 🌉, discovering every corner of its neighborhoods, like the famous "Chinatown", but not everything is architecture. With our San Francisco tours you will enjoy the most natural 🌼 and disturbing part of the city and it will be an adventure. 

Are you ready to live the experience to the fullest with the San Francisco tours that we have prepared for you? If you are passionate about hiking, visiting Yosemite National Park 🌿, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest parks in the world, will be a dream come true. But there is much more variety of forests in the area, do you dare to discover them?

Redwood Tours in San Francisco 

Sequoias are superlative trees, that is, they are the largest, tallest and oldest 🌱. And California is one of the only places where you can see them up close. For example, on one of the San Francisco tours, such as the Muir Woods San Francisco Tour, you will see sequoias over 900 years old. It's impressive!

But it is not only walking through the San Francisco redwood forest (Muir Woods National Park), in this tour you will also see the Californian coast walking along Stinson beach 👙.

Sunrise in San Francisco

The sunrise in San Francisco is breathtaking, every ray of sunshine paints every corner of the city in a golden color 🌄, it's beautiful. So, you can imagine how are the sunsets in the area: amazing. 

The sunrise time changes depending on the time of year you travel. In summer it gets to sunrise around 06:00 am, but in winter sunrises can be at 08:00 am perfectly 🌞. 

San Francisco nearest airports

If you are traveling by plane, these are the closest airports to San Francisco:

✈️San Francisco International Airport (SFO) 13 mi (21 km) away. The subway (BART) to the city is direct and you will arrive in just over 30 minutes for about 8$ American (7€). By bus, taking the line 292 the journey is a little cheaper (about 6$ American) but longer (about an hour). 

✈️Oakland Metropolitan Oak Airport (11 mi away). From here you will have to take 2 subways and in 45 minutes you will be in San Francisco for about 10$ (8€). By bus, the line that takes you to San Francisco is the 73 (there are two transports) and it will take you about an hour and a half.

✈️San Jose Airport (30 mi away). From this airport there is no subway but the bus line 22 will take you to the city in 4 hours and a half for about 7$ (6€). If you don't mind transferring, you can take line 60 to Milpitas station (30 minutes) and from there take the metro (1 hour).

From any of the three and if you prefer, you can opt for a cab 🚕 , which is the fastest way to get to your destination, although it is more expensive. The price can range from $60 (50€) to $240 (200€) depending on the distance. From San Francisco airport it will take you 15 minutes, from Oakland half an hour, and from San Jose about 50 minutes.