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Drake Bay

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Costa Rica
Drake Bay
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Drake Bay Activities

Drake Bay is Costa Rica's hidden treasure. A paradisiacal place surrounded by the sea and incredible tropical forests. A totally natural and unique destination from where you can see Costa Rica in its purest essence.

At Howlanders we are passionate about nature and the idea of getting to know a country from the inside. That is why you will be able to discover with us the Drake Bay activities that will surprise you.

A completely natural and paradisiacal destination. With an excellent temperature and unique views. With miles and miles of coastline and areas of virgin sand. 

The fauna and flora of the place

Would you like to explore the magic of this incredible place? From Howlanders we offer you the opportunity to practice the Cano Island Snorkeling (departing from Drake Bay) so you can fully immerse yourself in this immersive experience.

Drake Bay activities are well kept in the natural spaces. And what better way to check it out than going into the neighboring waters.

Costa Rica is a destination that stands out for its excellent care of the country's natural landscapes. Whether on land, sea or forests, its protected areas are an excellent example of conservation of species of fauna and flora.

Corcovado National Park

An excellent example of natural preservation is the famous Corcovado National Park. This incredible place has a high level of biological diversity.

The area is so extensive that it has up to 27 different ecosystems. Among which all kinds of animals and plants are preserved and reproduce. A true example of natural conservation.

If you are going to visit Costa Rica, and more specifically want to explore the Drake Bay activities, we recommend that you let yourself be surprised by its nature. For its colors and its scenery, you will not find anything like it in any other country. Dare to discover this magical place with us.